Turkmenistan – Five Days Itinerary

Turkmenistan - Five Day Itinerary


Where: Ashgabat, Kow Ata, Nokhur, Darvaza, Turkmenbashi, Yangykala Canyon
Transport: Airlines, Car
Who: Two travelers
Currency: Turkmenistan Manat (TMM), U.S. Dollar (USD)



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Planning & Information

Tips, info & details of planning.
  Day 1
Ashgabat, Nokhur, Kow Ata

Arriving in Ashgabat and visiting horse farm, Kow Ata and Nokhur.
  Day 2
Ashgabat to Darvaza

Travel from Ashgabat to Darvaza Gas Crater.
  Day 3
Darvaza to Ashgabat to Turkmenbashi

Travel from Darvaza to Ashgabat, and further to Turkmenbashi.
  Day 4
Yangykala Canyon, Turkmenbashi

Visit Yangykala Canyon and sights of Turkmenbashi.
  Day 5

Sights of the capital city.
How much did it cost?

List of all the expenses.
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