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St. Lucia (Days 7 & 8)

The afternoon flight from Dominica (DOM) to St. Lucia (SLU) was via Antigua (ANU), so we landed at SLU airport in the evening. The airport is located just north-east of the capital city of Castries, and although our Airbnb home was just 20 minutes walk from the airport, we knew that it was an uphill walk, so we hired a taxi from the airport to the home, costing USD 10.

After checking-in to the Airbnb home, we were told by our host to head north to Gros Islet for the ‘Friday night street party‘. Every Friday, the tiny touristic town of Gros Islet hosts a street party in the night (starting at 8pm) where locals and travelers gather for great food, drinks and music in the heart of the town.

[Friday night street party in Gros Islet, St. Lucia]

[Friday night street party in Gros Islet, St. Lucia]

[Friday night street party in Gros Islet, St. Lucia]

Public buses from Castries go to Gros Islet all day taking 35-40 mins and costs XCD 2.50 per person. The buses end in the center of the town, which is a block away from the street party. Return buses start from the same spot and the last bus back to Castries is at mid-night.

[Map of St. Lucia with all the places we visited]

Day 7 – Soufriere, Rodney Bay, Gros Islet

With an amazing party the night before, it was time to head south to one of the most beautiful towns of St. Lucia – Soufriere.

[Soufriere, St. Lucia]

[Soufriere, St. Lucia]

[Soufriere, St. Lucia]

For some spectacular views of St. Lucia, head up to the Tet Paul Trail (Website) that lies about 8km from Soufriere. We took a public bus heading to Fort Vieux and asked the driver to let us off at the intersection of the highway and the road leading up to the reception of the trail (costs XCD 2.50 per person). From the highway, it is a hike up on paved road for about 30 minutes to the reception office. At the cost of USD 10 per person, you get to walk along a marked, easy trail inside this privately managed area. And once you reach the top of the trail, you get to see some amazing views of the Sugar Beach and Petit Piton.

There’s one hammock there for some relaxation before heading back to the reception area!

[Petit Piton (small mountain) from Tet Paul trail, St. Lucia]

[Relaxing in hammock at Tet Paul trail, St. Lucia]

We walked back to the highway and after waiting for a public bus for 30 minutes, a local offered us to drive back to Soufriere for USD 10. Most public buses are filled on the highway, so if you can get a ride by hitchhike then go for that.

Another public bus from Soufriere brought us to Castries later in afternoon. And we took another bus to Gros Islet and a 20-minute walk to Fort Rodney. The public beach at the foothills of the hill that houses Fort Rodney is one of the best places in St. Lucia to watch sunset! The beach has numerous shacks with drinks and food options.

[Sunset at public beach in Fort Rodney, St. Lucia]

Just south of Gros Islet is the town of Rodney Bay, which is THE tourist place outlined with luxury hotels and restaurants. Which meant we ere to splurge on some delicious food at ‘Spice of India’ restaurant.

We took public bus back to Castries and a taxi to our Airbnb calling it a day!

Day 8 – Castries

With our flight to St. Vincent, our next country, in the morning, we walked around the capital city for an hour before heading back to the airport.

[Castries, St. Lucia]

[Castries, St. Lucia]

[Castries, St. Lucia]



Note: All values in USD, unless otherwise mentioned, are approximate and based on the exchange rate at the time of publishing. Each cost is for one adult. The exchange rate at the time of publishing is assumed to be USD 1 = XCD 2.60.

What Cost Notes
St. Lucia visa $50 Visa on arrival fees for certain nationals.
Taxi from SLU to Airbnb $5 Private taxi. One-way, $10 per taxi.
Public bus $0.93 Castries to Gros Islet. XCD 2.5 per person.
Drinks & food $8.33 At the street party in Gros Islet.
Public bus $0.93 Gros Islet to Castries. XCD 2.5 per person.
Groceries $3.90 Snacks, fruits & water.
Public bus $2.96 Castries to Soufriere. XCD 8 per person.
Breakfast $9.30 English breakfast at beach-side restaurant in Soufriere.
Public bus $0.93 Soufriere to Tet Paul. XCD 2.5 per person.
Tet Paul Trail $10 Entrance fees.
Private ‘taxi’ $5 Tet Paul trail to Soufriere. USD 10 for private taxi.
Public bus $2.96 Soufriere to Castries. XCD 8 per person.
Public bus (day two) $0.93 Castries to Gros Islet. XCD 2.5 per person.
Public bus (day two) $0.93 Gros Islet to Rodney Bay. XCD 2.5 per person.
Public bus (day two) $0.93 Rodney Bay to Castries. XCD 2.5 per person.
Dinner at Rodney Bay $28.85 ‘Spice of India’ dinner at Rodney Bay.
Taxi $2.78 Castries to Airbnb. One-way. XCD 15.
Total Costs $134.66 Per person
Overall Costs $2,174.86 Per person



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