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Day 3 – Konjic, Mostar | Five Days in Bosnia & Herzegovina

We started early morning from Sarajevo for a 2.5 hour drive to Mostar, with a quick stop at Konjic.

Route for today


About 61 kms south of Sarajevo, Konjic is well-known for it’s rafting on the Neretva river, and for Tito’s bunker, a huge underground complex where the leadership of Yugoslav republic planned its atomic war command. Now it is a remnant of the cold war.

Ottoman bridge, Konjic
[Ottoman bridge, Konjic]

Ottoman bridge, Konjic
[Ottoman bridge, Konjic]

Tito's Bunker, Konjic
[Tito’s Bunker, Konjic]

Tito's Bunker, Konjic
[Tito’s Bunker, Konjic]

Tito's Bunker, Konjic
[Tito’s Bunker, Konjic]

Tito's Bunker, Konjic
[Tito’s Bunker, Konjic]


Another 70kms south from Konjic is Mostar. Formerly the most ethnically diverse cities in Bosnia, and today suffering geographical division of ethnic groups, Mostar was the most heavily bombed of any Bosnian city during the war following the breakup of Yugoslavia.

Mostar is most famous for this beautiful historic Ottoman-style bridge, which spanned the Neretva river. Through combined efforts with the international community, rebuilding of The Old Bridge was completed in 2004, almost 11 years after its destruction, using some of its original pieces recovered from the Neretva river. A significant portion of the city has been rebuilt and visitors might be surprised to see that this formerly war-torn city is a lively and beautiful destination once again, particularly the area within and around the old town. However, many visible signs of Mostar’s troubled recent history remain.

Want to avoid crowds in Mostar?

With access to Dubrovnik in Croatia, hoards of cruise ship and other tourists arrive in Mostar almost every day, and the tiny town can get really busy.

To avoid the crowds, walk around the town early in the morning (especially during summer days when the sun is up early).


Mostar old town
[Mostar old town]

Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque, Mostar
[Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque, Mostar]

Kriva ćuprija
[Kriva ćuprija]

Neretva river, Mostar
[Neretva river, Mostar]

Entrance to the old bridge, Mostar
[Entrance to the old bridge, Mostar]

Other side of old bridge, Mostar
[Other side of old bridge, Mostar]

View of Old Bridge from Most Hasana Brkića
[View of Old Bridge from Most Hasana Brkića]

Stari Most or Old Bridge, Mostar
[Stari Most or Old Bridge, Mostar]

Stari Most or Old Bridge, Mostar
[Stari Most or Old Bridge, Mostar]

Church of St. Peter and Paul, Mostar
[Church of St. Peter and Paul, Mostar]



Note: All values in USD, unless otherwise mentioned, are approximate and based on the exchange rate of USD 1 = BAM 1.90 at the time of publishing. Each cost is for one adult.

What Cost Notes
Breakfast $4.32 BAM 8.20 at a cafe in Konjic.
Tito’s Bunker $10.53 BAM 20 entrance fees.
Toll $2.90 BAM 5.50 on highway A1.
Snacks and water $7.05 BAM 13.40.
Dinner $10.53 BAM 20 at Oscar Café in Mostar.
Total Costs $35.33 Per person
Overall Costs $817.08 Per person


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