Armenia – Eight Days Itinerary

Where: Haghpat, Akhtala, Yerevan, Sevan, Dilijan, Garni, Geghard, Khor Virap, Norovank, Areni, Goris, Artsakh, Tatev
Transport: Airline, Taxi, Bus
Who: One backpacker
Currency: Armenian Dram (AMD)



Eight Days in Armenia



Planning & Information

Tips, info & details of planning.
  Day 1
Haghpat, Akhtala

Arriving in Armenia and visiting Haghpat, Akhtala & Sanahin monasteries along the way.
  Day 2

Some of the sights of capital city.
  Day 3

Walking tour of the capital city.
  Day 4
Sevan, Dilijan

Day trip to Lake Sevan, hillside town of Dilijan and Tsaghkadzor.
  Day 5
Garni, Geghard, Zvartnots

Day trip to the sights close to the capital city.
  Day 6
Khor Virap, Norovank, Areni, Goris

Visiting some of the sights in south Armenia.
  Day 7
Artsakh – Shushi, Gandzasar, Vank, Agdam

Visiting some of the towns in Republic of Artsakh.
  Day 8
Stepanakert (Artsakh), Tatev

Sights of Stepanakert, then to Tatev Monastery & back to Yerevan.
How much did it cost?

List of all the expenses.

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