Top 7 Whale-Watching Destinations in the World

Nina Simmons
June 17, 2021  •  5 min(s) read

Are you looking for a new adventure? Brace yourself, because we’ve prepared something you’ve never seen before. If you feel like you’ve seen everything there is on the surface of the Earth, its’ time to explore the mighty oceans!

As less than 5% of the ocean’s bottom is explored, you can never know what to expect. This is an ideal opportunity to meet some marine life creatures that will blow you away, quite literally! For an amazing adventure and ever-lasting memories, check out these top 7 whale watching destinations.


1. Whale, greetings from Iceland

Are you looking for a perfect summer holiday destination with a mysterious twist? Head to Iceland, labelled as one of the best European destinations to spot over 20 kinds of different marine animals and over 5 types of whales! Besides the gorgeous green scenery and magnificent landscapes, you’ll get a chance to see those ocean’s giants up close.

Book a vacation in Iceland from May to September, and enjoy gorgeous sights of orcas, sperm, fin and humpback whales. Besides hopping on the whale watching tour, you can dine in cute and chic beachside restaurants that serve fresh seafood of different kinds.


2. Whale-adventure in the Azores

If you’re looking for a remote and bit more secluded location for whale spotting, Azores, Portuguese isles are the ideal destination for you. Perfect for honeymoons and romantic getaways, Azores is also an extremely popular destination for spotting different kinds of cetaceans. The best season for you to spot dolphins and whales is from April through September. What kind of whales can you see there?

This is a rare destination where you can spot two of the largest whale species in the world: fin and blue whales. Even though whales are in waters around the Azores all year round, the best time to spot the largest whale species is April and May. In addition to exciting whale and dolphin watching tours, you can try out scuba diving or hiking.


3. Whale paradise on earth on the Maldives

This small archipelagic country located south of Asia in the Indian ocean is home to numerous whale and dolphin species. As the Indian ocean is a natural habitat of many different kinds of sea species, you’ll have an opportunity to see even the biggest blue whales. In addition to that, you shouldn’t miss an acrobatic show put on by spinner dolphins.

Why is this whale’s paradise on Earth? Believe it or not, in the waters of the Maldives you can find unique whale species, also known as dwarf sperm whales and melon-headed whales that are characteristic of this area.


4. Celebrate whale festival in South Africa

One of the rare places where you can see magnificent whales from both the land and the sea is a little Hermanus village located on the South African Western Cape. From June to November, you’ll have a unique chance to spot a plethora of whales without setting your foot on the boat. This is a rare opportunity for those who are scared of the water!

Hermanus village and its waters are the migration spot for humpback whales. Additionally, if you’re lucky, you can spot Bryde’s and Southern right whales occasionally. Did you know that South Africans have a festival dedicated solely to whales? Don’t miss it and as locals celebrate it every September!


5. Freezingly good whale sights of Antarctica

If you’re looking for the sights that will send shivers down your spine, Antarctica is the destination for you. Every February and March, in the waters of Antarctica you can commonly spot humpback whales and orcas. However, sperm whales, minke whales and fascinating blue whales can be seen as well!

As peak season in Antarctica is from February to March, ensure to book your tour in advance. Besides the whales, you’ll be able to see mesmerising glaciers and hike snowy peaks and ski. But be careful about the climate and weather. Since Antarctica is located close to the North pole, dress according to that!


6. “Whalecome” to Western Australia

Our exciting list wouldn’t be complete without Australia. Land down under is famous for gorgeous whale sighting spots and magnificent tours you can even take children on! The best destination in Western Australia to spot whales is definitely Bremer Bay.

You can spot different kinds of whales, such as sperm and pilot whales, all year long. But this destination is most famous for killer whales. So, if you want to hop on the Bremer Bay orca tours, visit Straya from February to April. As it is 5 hours away from Perth by car, you can enjoy pristine beaches and magnificent sights along the way.


7. Meet the politest whales in Canada

The land known for extremely polite people, it’s only logical to accommodate polite whales as well! You can see that yourself as you’ll get a chance to ethically interact with orcas in their natural habitat and sanctuary on Telegraph Cove.

Just like in many other parts of the world, September is a whale-watching season where you can spot grey and humpback whales besides orcas. Canada is one of the world’s top wildlife spots you must visit! Also, Vancouver Island, the destination you can’t miss, is known for idyllic storms and exhilarating surfing opportunities every adrenaline junky will enjoy!



If you’re looking for destinations you’ll remember for the rest of your life, these exciting places will certainly make that happen. We’re used to seeing whales and other sea creatures on TVs only, but this is a rare opportunity to see them live, in-person in their natural habitat! Don’t miss it!

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