8 Amazing Romantic Places in Australia

Nina Simmons
June 6, 2021  •  6 min(s) read

8 Amazing Romantic Places in Australia

Do you want to surprise your significant other with a special romantic getaway? Australia is the perfect place for that. Australia isn’t only beautiful beaches and kangaroos. Even though it’s filled with gorgeous isolated beaches, this magnificent country has to offer rich wildlife and biodiversity that will sweep you off your feet!

Are you looking for a special romantic place for just the two of you? Then you should definitely check out these amazing places. You’ll certainly find a perfect destination for your romantic vacation or honeymoon.


1. Valley of love

Are you looking for a relaxing and secluded romantic getaway? Head to New South Wales where you’ll enjoy a perfect moment of intimacy amongst the rugged mountains, snow-covered valleys or stunning sandy beaches.

It’s up to you to decide what kind of activities you’d like to indulge in. From hiking through the valleys, over touring popular, charming fishing villages to gallery hopping and sunbathing, this wonderful area has to offer it all! The important thing is that you’re together. There’s something magical about nature in New South Wales as it connects people and brings them closer together.


2. Romantic treehouse getaway

As kids, many people wanted to have a treehouse but never had a chance to make one. Make your inner child’s dream come true by taking your significant other on a romantic treehouse getaway. Escape from heated concrete jungles and crowds, and fly into a different world over the Blue Mountains.

Get off the grid and enjoy every moment you get overlooking the magnificent rainforest on the Blue Mountains. No matter what season you choose, a magical place waits for you. If you gather up will and strength, you’ll get to enjoy enchanted activities the Blue Mountains have to offer.


3. End of the world and just the two of you

Australia isn’t only about sunny skies and vast beaches. You can experience moody and cloudy weather there too! Where should you head for frosty mornings and places surrounded by the snowy mountain caps?

Tasmania is the place where miracles happen. Even though it’s Australia’s most southern point, it’s a perfect destination for a luxurious holiday with a mild climate. Rent a canoe and have a cup of hot chocolate to warm yourselves. If you’ve always wondered what the place at the end of the world looks like, head to Lake St Clair for an original and magical experience.

Lord Howe Island


4. Romantic adventure for adrenaline junkies

Do you and your partner adore active vacations and different exciting activities? You’ve certainly chosen the right country. Australia has many hidden gems and Lord Howe Island is only one of them. What makes it so special?

Besides the awe-inspiring sunsets over the bay, you’ll have an opportunity to snorkel and swim in the world’s cleanest ocean. On top of that, don’t miss adventuristic hiking tours over the island or fishing trips for unique tropical fish. If you’d rather spend a calm day doing peaceful activities, visiting a spa or going bird watching may be just the thing you two lovebirds need!


5. At a heart of rainforest retreat

Would you enjoy gorgeous rainforest landscapes that will touch your heart? Take the love of your life to Tamborine Mountain, just an hour drive away from Brisbane. This magical place has to offer a wide range of activities. So, what should you choose?

From romantic horseback riding into the sunset over the exciting hot air balloon rides over gorgeous picturesque landscapes of rainforest, all the way to the lazy days in a spa. For gorgeous photography don’t miss a hike on the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk and chase mesmerising waterfalls in that area. You’ll never run out of the things to do as you hop on the wine tour or visit intriguing coffee plantations.


6. Underwater treasure

When you think about Australia, one of the first associations has to be the Great Barrier Reef. As Australia is the home of the largest coral reef on the planet, this is an ideal opportunity to take your significant other for an unforgettable adventure under the sea!

There is no single place to go to see this wonder of nature. Due to its size, you can choose one of these 7 places to see the Great Barrier Reef from. Whether you’d like to look at it from the land, up close in the sea or from the sky, you’ll have an unforgettable and emotional experience you’ll remember for the rest of your lives.

Great Barrier Reef


7. Romantic multicultural food tasting

The best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, so take your significant other for a multicultural food tasting at the centre of Darwin. This adorable city is known for its diverse art scene and a mix of different cultures and traditions. This makes it a perfect getaway for a romantic holiday for foodies!

Explore lovely restaurants in the city centre and try out different food types from all over the world. Don’t miss art galleries and museums where you can learn a lot of interesting things! To complete the romantic experience, surprise your love with lovely flowers from Darwin. What a wonderful end to such a charming night!


8. Evening under the stars

Is anything more romantic than a night spent under the stars? Head to the Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef coast camp located on the beach of the Indian Ocean and indulge in the magical experience of sleeping under the stars. This beach safari consists of only 15 tents, which allows you to have a private moment with your significant other.

Whether you decide to swim with dolphins and explore the mesmerising marine life or stay on land and check out the diverse flora and fauna, you’ll end each day under starry skies. Don’t forget to pack your picnic basket and enjoy a wonderful feast as waves are crashing against the shore.



Forget about commercial romantic destinations such as Rome and Paris. Take your significant other for a unique vacation where you can create a stronger bond and share an intimate moment together. Explore diverse nature, conquer mesmerising waterfalls and tour tiny streets of beautiful cities and villages with your significant other. That will surely be an enchanting experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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