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June 8, 2020  •  2 min(s) read

Summer is almost here and a lot of you out there are planning to travel again. With the quarantine measures in place for last few months and news about more countries opening up to welcome visitors, you may wonder what exactly is going on. Check out this interactive map by the International Airline Transportation Association (IATA) for what you need to know about the COVID-19-related travel restrictions.

The map is regularly updated (watch out for the posted-date for each country) with new information on what is required to visit the country, including the eligibility to do so.

Illustrative map of restrictions per country to travel from IATA
[Illustrative map from IATA]

Some European countries are set to open in two weeks (June 15), and Asian countries like Thailand (that depend mainly on tourist money) planning to do so on July 1, expect to see more changes to the rules in the coming days. As God Save the Points points out:

If a country were to introduce mandatory testing, a health declaration or a new visa before you’d be allowed on a flight, the IATA interactive map would be an early place to find that info and track it down. Airlines are great, but the burden of what you need to have ready before you travel isn’t on them, it’s on you.

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