Travel Hack: Put headphones for navigation and avoid creeps

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April 28, 2020  •  2 min(s) read

While walking in many cities around the world, especially in tourist zones, you will come across many people bothering you to sell unwanted stuff, or creepy people trying to have a conversation. Although a simple “no” would turn them away, some are truly persistent to get your attention.

A little safety hack a user on Reddit suggested to wear your headphones while walking around.
This has two-fold use:

  1. Navigation – Most map apps let you hear directions while walking, even in offline mode and locked mode. Set the directions in them, say Google maps, and just listen to verbal directions instead of looking at your phone.
  2. Avoid unwanted people – Walking around with your headphones on makes it look like you’re listening to music. And that way you can pretend to avoid any incoming conversations from scam artists and creepy people on the street.

Being aware of your belongings and environment is utmost important while you have those headphones on.

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