Cheap ways to travel across the world while studying

Marie Nieves
November 6, 2017  •  4 min(s) read

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If any period in your life can teach you how to be smart and frugal with your earnings, it’s college! The time when you start hacking life one buck at a time is a very struggling one for your typical student who tries to save up every dime and live by that famous “the best things in life are free”.

However, traveling is still one of the most rewarding experiences in life, and it often requires a pretty penny, but what would life be without a challenge? For students with a restless wanderlust and a tight wallet, you don’t have to deprive yourself of the cultural travel thrill. Instead, devise your smart approach with these tips and you’ll save up more than you spend while (a)broadening your horizons!

1. A semester abroad
No matter your field of choice, there are various programs abroad you can attend to complement your studies back home, or to just have a slice of the foreign life. There are so many international student exchange programs, fellowships, scholarships and grants you can research before you find which one best suits your wallet.

A semester in France might be a few thousand dollars pricier than one in Greece for the subject you’re interested in, but you should always keep your options open, simply because maybe Federal financial aid or similar systems can cover the majority of your study expenses. Keep your options open, talk to you fellow students or those who’ve already participated in a similar program and take their tips.

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2. Work and travel options
You don’t have enough to cover your major expenses of staying in a different country? Then why not go back home with more than when you began your journey? You can both freelance online, especially if you have skills for tutoring, language teaching, or creative writing, while on-site options such as cafes and restaurants often need extra staff during high-tourist season.

However, make sure that your country of residence allows for foreign students to work, what permits or visas you might need and how long you can stay. You might discover an exotic location such as Sicily or a Greek island and end up with a fully-paid vacation instead of spending your own savings! Don’t forget that there are also many travel contests that can cover pretty much everything you need.

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3. Details that make a difference
Maybe you haven’t found your dream college abroad or you simply don’t want to spend your entire holiday working, but there are other smart ways to save a few bucks, which can add up to quite a hefty sum for your next year’s plans. Start with your airline – low-budget companies are becoming very popular, especially in Europe, and they always have something affordable or downright cheap to offer. Look at Ryanair, where you can visit different European cities for less than $30 per flight!

The very next thing on your list is where you can stay without spending a fortune on paying a hotel room or an apartment. Luckily, there are many affordable student accommodation options where you can either share the expenses with a few roommates or simply rent a room with a local family for the duration of your stay. Maybe a fellow student would also be happy to be your host, and show you around?

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4. Pay it forward
A noble and giving way to cut your travel expenses is to find an organization that can connect you to those in need. First of all, think about the work, knowledge and skills you have to offer, and then find the right match for you, but also keep your studies in mind, because you’ll still have to deal with deadlines when you come back.

Organizations such as Peace Corps have opportunities for volunteers all around the world, and other similar institutions can be your ticket out of your country for the duration of your summer vacation and a perfect opportunity to make a difference for those who need it most.


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