Travel tip: Turn smartphone into an in-flight using Ziploc bag

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September 25, 2017  •  2 min(s) read

We all find ourselves with no personalized screens in the seat in front of us when traveling budget. And that is when a lot of us pack our smartphones with movies or TV shows that will help us through the grueling hours of the flight. But holding your phone in hands or keeping in steady on the seat-back table is tedious and cumbersome. Watching the videos with your neck arched downward for a few hours may become uncomfortable.

But Redditor randomusefulbits posted a tip, which takes advantage of your airline seat’s tray table lock, using it as a clip to secure your smartphone. Just put your phone in a Ziploc bag, clip it to your tray table, and enjoy the shows! If you have wireless headphones then there’s nothing more you have to do, but if not, then poking a hole in your Ziploc bag to accommodate your headphone cable is easy.

Smartphone inflight display

Even if the passenger in front recline their seat, your smartphone will stay level.

Convenient way to watch a movie on your phone when flying

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