Get user-generated travel tips and suggestions at Tripinium

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December 1, 2014  •  1 min(s) read

We all know that getting suggestions and tip from other users for the next travel destination is always helpful. Sometimes these tips help us beat the tourist path and takes you to off-beaten paths for surreal experiences. Most of us head to TripAdvisor as our first choice, but this new website called Tripinium gives you upfront suggestions or tips for almost 200 cities or towns worldwide.


Just select your city and go about reading the tips other users have submitted. No registration or login required. You can also leave tips which will appear in the list pending approval.

You can cast your vote for a particular tip by clicking on the up or down arrows next to the tip. We wouldn’t reply on those votes because clicking any button multiple times will keep adding the votes!

There’s no form to enter any city or town that you may have visited and not on the list. But we do see a potential of this website where many users keep posting suggestions and experiences for other travelers.


Travel On The Dollar