Is this the most dangerous attraction in the world?

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January 26, 2012  •  1 min(s) read

Holy shit! This hike along the face of Mount Huashan in China, thousands of feet in the air, is one of the most dangerous attractions in the world. Yeah, that’s right! It’s an attraction! You get down some “steps” (why the quotes you ask? Because they are just notches in the rock!) and walk over 1 foot wide wooden planks tied into the face of the cliffs. This is definitely not a family friendly activity.

It doesn’t sound that bad, but there are NO hand rails, and the only thing keeping you on the side of the mountain is a safety harness, if you so choose to buy one. If you plan on checking out Mt. Huashan, I’ve got a simple travel tip for you. Watch your step!

This guy here is frikking terrified but will tell you why this is so dangerous:

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