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Day 8 – Samarkand to Tashkent | Eight Days in Uzbekistan

This was my last day in Uzbekistan and after breakfast at Malika Prime hotel, I was transferred to the train station to catch the 11:05am train “Sharq” to Tashkent.

The tickets were booked as a part of the tour. This was one of the best ways to travel from Samarkand to Tashkent, experiencing the railways in Uzbekistan.

It was a second class cabin shared with 5-6 other passengers.

[Amit Temur’s statue in Samarkand.]

[Samarkand Railway Station, Uzbekistan ]

[Mural at Samarkand Railway Station, Uzbekistan ]

[Our train to Tashkent at Samarkand railway station]

[Our train to Tashkent at Samarkand railway station]

[View from the train.]

I reached Tashkent at 2:30pm and was transferred to my hotel – Shodlik Hotel. My flight was scheduled to leave at 2:45am (next morning) and it is recommended to reach the airport at least three hours before your flight because the immigration process could take time.

For lunch, I asked the organizer of my tour if she would want to join me, which she gladly did. Per her recommendation, we went to a Japanese-Uzbek fusion restaurant in the city center.

I had the whole afternoon to myself and after a nap, I walked around the area visiting the Independence Square in the evening. Post dinner at Shodlik hotel, I was picked up by the tour company, dropping me off to Tashkent International Airport (TAS).



Note: All values in USD, unless otherwise mentioned, are approximate and based on the exchange rate of USD 1 = UZS 6,000 at the time of publishing. Each cost is for one adult.

What Cost Notes
Lunch $6.67 Japanese-Uzbek fusion food – UZS 40,000
Dinner $4.16 Shodlik Restaurant – UZS 25,000
Water & snacks $1.67 From local store – UZS 10,000
Tip to driver $40 The same driver who drove me around the country.
Total Costs $52.50 Per person
Overall Costs $1,329.51 Per person


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