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Day 11 – Ölüdeniz, Fethiye


Ölüdeniz - Blue Lagoon
Ölüdeniz – Blue Lagoon

Sky Sports Office in Ölüdeniz
Sky Sports Office in Ölüdeniz
The thing that got me all pepped-up this morning was paragliding through the Blue Lagoon. After observing the gliders all day yesterday, I was excited to experience the thrill of gliding above the waters of Ölüdeniz.

During the peak summer season (June-August), the positions for gliding upon Ölüdeniz get filled real fast. Even if you are planning to go solo or tandem-glide, it’s difficult to find specific time for take-off from the cliff above the town. Tourists fill the small town and time-slots generally get reserved in advance.

It’s always recommended to book your time slot early on so that you don’t crowd the take-off location 1900 meters above the town. Having booked my tandem-glide with Sky Sports well in advance, I was at their office at 8:45am for the paragliding, after a quick and light breakfast at the hotel.

During May, which is not the peak season, it costs US$180 for tandem paragliding with one of the many companies, and TL 35 plus entrance fees of TL 10 per person for solo paragliding. The price for a tandem glide may seem high, but if you’re a novice then it’s absolutely worth it.

My instructor, myself and 15 other Russian solo gliders stuffed ourselves in a dolmuş and after a 30 minute ride up the mountain, we arrived at the launch area, 1900 meters above sea level. It takes 5-7 minutes to unwind the parachute and off you go gliding over the blue waters and the town of Ölüdeniz.

Depending on your instructor and whether you opt-in to go for the ‘tricks’ (twists and twirls that brings you down faster), it takes anything between 25-40 minutes to land at the beach of Ölüdeniz.

If you have a small camera or a smartphone it is possible to take pictures while in the air, but your instructor will take pictures and video of the flight, which you can buy for TL 120 (reduced price for only pictures or only video).


By the time we landed and got the pictures, it was noon and I decided to visit Fethiye town to see the Lycan tombs and ruins. The local state bus from right across the beach in Ölüdeniz runs every 30 minutes to Fethiye and costs TL 3.50, but dolmuşes run every 10 minutes from the same location and costs TL 5.

It takes 30-45 minutes to cover the 14km distance because they go via Hisarönü/Ovacık villages. Ask the driver that you want to visit “Amynthas rock tomb” and they will drop you at the last stop, about 200 meters from the Lycan tombs.

The tombs are on the cliff-side along an uphill road which can be seen from the road itself. Climb up about 100 meters and you will reach King’s Garden restaurant. Stop here for amazing views of Fethiye town and the marina on one side and Amynthas on the other.

Right next to the King’s Garden restaurant is where you can buy a ticket costing TL 8 to visit the Lycan tombs. But it is NOT recommended to spend that money and time (in the blazing sun), climb up the steps leading to only one tomb, which smells of urine!

Amynthas Lycan Tombs
Amynthas Lycan Tombs
Amynthas Lycan Tombs
Amynthas Lycan Tombs
View of Fethiye from King's Garden restaurant
View of Fethiye from King’s Garden restaurant

Fethiye is a coastal town filled with hotels and restaurants/cafes and one of the main weekend getaways for tourist and locals. There are a lot of Lycan ruins around the town if you decide to hike. Check with your local guide or the tourist information office in town for information on all the tombs and ruins around. Fethiye is also considered the start of the Lycan trail that goes all the way to Antalya.

fethiye2 fethiye3
fethiye4 fethiye5

Walk from the Amynthas for about 15 minutes and you will reach the promenade. A stroll around the marina is a pleasant way to see the city, and you can always hire a boat ride from Fethiye to Ölüdeniz or some islands around.

I decided to walk around the city for a while and head back to Ölüdeniz in the evening for a last sunset before heading out to Göreme the next day.


Note: All values in USD, unless otherwise mentioned, are approximate and based on the exchange rate at the time of publishing. Each cost is for one adult. The exchange rate at the time of publishing is assumed to be USD 1 = TRY 1.80.

What Cost Notes
Ölüdeniz Paragliding $180 With Sky Sports
Ölüdeniz Paragliding photo & video CD TL 120 or $66.60 With Sky Sports
Bus from Ölüdeniz to Fethiye & back TL 10 or $5.50 One way costs TL 5
Lunch at King’s Garden restaurant in Fethiye TL 31 or $17.20
Snacks & water along the way TL 5 or $2.80 çay, chips, water, etc.
Toilets TL 2 or $1.10
Total Costs $273.20 Per person
Overall Costs $1,453.70 Per person


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Day 11

Ölüdeniz, Fethiye.

Paragliding in Ölüdeniz & visiting Lycan ruins in Fethiye.

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