Travel Tips

How to access offline Google Maps on iOS

How to access offline Google Maps on iOS With the 2.0 version, Google Maps have a hidden feature that allows you to save the maps in offline mode. Similar to the Android version, just type in the phrase ‘ok maps’ into the search bar and search for it. Google Maps will automatically download all the map data that’s currently on the screen of your phone.

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Keep a cheat-sheet for easy currency conversions

Keep a cheat-sheet for easy currency conversions One of the difficult thing to calculate while traveling internationally is the price you are actually paying in your home currency when you shop or eat. When you give a £10 bill, your mind may be saying $10 to you, whereas you are actually spending 1.5 times. Even shopping for artifacts may not make things easier with all the numbers in your mind.

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Strap clothes with belts to organize them better

Strap clothes with belts to organize them better Your each your destination and open your bags to find that all the tidy packing has shifted and everything can be a mess. Most backpacks and suitcases have some kind of strapping mechanism, like a ribbon, to keep everything organized. However, not all of them do. So what do you do?

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Keep the sunlight completely out!

Clamp drapes together to avoid sunlight If you have trouble sleeping in a hotel room because the drapes won’t shut completely or stay overlapped enough to keep the sunlight out; and if you don’t have anything to keep them shut, then head for the closet and get one of those hangers for pants or skirts that clamp together. Just attach them to the drapes. Works every time.

Keep that toothbrush germ free in a hotel

Keep toothbrush germ-free You don’t want to leave your freshly-opened toothbrush in a bag or on the sink in the bathroom of your hotel because of the fear of catching germs.

Just punch a hole in the bottom of the plastic or paper cup that’s in your room, and insert the handle of the toothbrush. Place the cup sitting bottom-up on the counter and your toothbrush will stay germ-free.

Secret stash in a suitcase for documents

Suitcase Most wheeler bags have a hidden compartment that you probably didn’t even know existed! Open the suitcase and look for a zipper in the lining at the base of the suitcase. Inside, you will find a small space between the two rods that run up the back of the bag.

This is a perfect space for stashing documents that you don’t want to risk losing in transit, or losing them if someone opens your bag while you left that in your hotel room.

Although, of course, this is not a good spot to store currencies, credit cards or passport.

Keep hotel room smelling fresh

orange peel Whenever you check into a hotel bring an orange, eat it in your room, and just toss the peel in the trash before you go out.

You’ll return to a naturally deodorized room. The peels absorb strong odors while releasing some natural fragrances.

Tie a rubber-band over your wallet to prevent theft

Wallet with rubber-band While traveling in areas that are prone to pick-pocketing, it is always recommended for men to keep their wallets in the front pocket of your pants. But just warp a rubber-band over your wallet before putting in your pocket. This will make it difficult even for expert thieves because of the additional friction because of the rubber-band.

This also prevents the wallet to, accidentally, drop out coins or papers.

Sunglasses box for cables

sunglasses case cords Almost everyone has sunglasses these days and many of us rather tuck them in our tops or just flip over on our heads, but don’t store them in the case. Don’t throw away those cases, but use them as compact cable. Just stick them in the glasses case and prevent all the tangling of cables.

And if you’re carrying the empty case then store the loose change while on the road. It’s easy to access them from the box and doesn’t give away to the thieves.

Altoids case for cables & coins

Use Altoids box for a perfect way to store small headphones and charging wires, or coins. The Altoids box can then be stored in the side of the camera bag.

iPhone SIM-card opener

iPhone SIM opener in SD card box You may want to get a local SIM card while traveling to international destinations and if you own an iPhone then that tiny SIM-card opener pin is difficult to carry and can get lost easily. But if you have an unused SD-card case, then place the tray opener in the case and store the case in your camera bag.

Shaving razor

razor clip Wrap the razor blade with a binder clip to prevent it from cutting through other small items or just bend out.

Keep clothes smelling fresh in suitcase

dryer sheet in suitcase Simply add a dryer sheet int he suitcase, below all your clothes, to keep them smelling fresh.

Chapstick cases for currency

chapstick Save those used chapstick cases because they can be handy in storing small amounts of currency notes. This is a great way of carrying them around while traveling to not-so-safe destinations.

Earrings clamped to buttons

buttons & earrings Use a button to keep earrings together while traveling.

Prevent toiletries from oozing with this simple trick

Plastic wrap on toiletries How do you prevent all the mess created by toiletries from oozing out the lotions? Redditor thinkadinky recommends using plastic wrap on all those shampoo/lotion bottles to prevent them from exploding and creating a mess.

You can even use trash bags or grocery plastic bags, if you don’t have wraps. Just unscrew the cap, lay some plastic wrap over the hole, and screw it back on. We still recommend putting them in a ziplock bag because even the cap breaks there’s containment.

Although taping the bottles also works, sometimes better than using plastic wraps.

DIY rolling duffel bag by adding detachable wheels

Duffel bag with detachable wheels Most duffel bags these days come with attached wheels, but if you still own one without wheels, then RonnK has an excellent tip for you. You don’t have to spend money on buying a new one because Instructables user RonnyK shows off a relatively simple way to add detachable wheels to nearly any bag you already own.

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Avoid jet-lag with these simple tips

Jet Lag (Credit: Matt Kursmark) Flying across continents on long-haul flights across time zones causes jet lag that sucks big time. It can leave you in a terrible state for a few days and for people who cannot afford the few days to completely recover from the exhaustion of jet lag, here are a few preparatory steps you can do before, during and after your long flight to minimize your jet lag fatigue.

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Use your phone’s camera to take inventory

cellphone camera Your cellphone camera is a great gadget when you’re traveling. Instead of having to write down everything you have packed, or anything you might need for future reference, just take a picture! If you lose your baggage, you have a picture of all the belongings in your bag which you can use to claim from the airline carrier or insurance company. You can take pictures of rental car and hotel room number for easy access.

When you’re traveling these details are easy to forget. By using your cell phone’s camera to take pictures or video of your rental car, especially, from all sides before driving off in it will help you have records of those bumps or scratches that may arise after you she return the car.

Pick people up at departure terminal to avoid airport traffic

Departure Terminal Most airports have the departure and arrival terminals stacked on top of each other or on opposite sides of the terminal. When you are picking someone up (or getting picked up), tell them to meet you at one of the departure doors. You would be amazed how empty those doors are compared to arrivals. Even if they have to wait for a bag, it is often time much quicker to get your bag and go back upstairs by ticketing to catch your ride.

Prevent popping ears with this tip while flying

Valsalva Maneuver Ear-popping pain is one of the hazards of flying and in some cases it can also lead to permanent damage. Here’s one tip how to prevent that.

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Tips on sleeping at the airports

Sleeping at airport Airline connections are good to take a break from the pressurized cabins and stretch your body, especially on long international flights. Here are some tips that will help you get started in your airport sleeping adventures.

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Tips for elderly people while traveling on airplane

Elderly People Elderly people can face problems traveling during the holiday season because ot various reasons like crowded airports, long security lines, TSA regulation changes or even crampy airline seats. So here are some tips for the elderly to make their travel easier.

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How to choose the right backpack

Backpacker Our friends at Travel Backpacks have great tips on selecting the right backpack and how to use them.

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Navigate your way without a navigation system

Clouds over the city Smart phones and tablets these days have in-built navigation systems and maps that will lead you anywhere from your current location. And some of them rely on data networks. There are cars with navigation systems, but they are expensive. What if you find yourself with low battery in your devices or no internet connection and you have to reach some place?

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Tips on getting the most of your travel buck

Air Travel With so much going on out there in the digital world, you can save a lot of money by doing some homework, some planning and making use of some of those deals out there. Here’s a list to look out for and getting more bang for your buck.

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Ears popping when flying and remedy

Dr. Trisha Macnair of BBC explains what ear popping while flying means and provides tips on how to prevent that.

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How to sleep on a long-haul flight

Sleeping Passengers Traveler John Graham-Cunning provides tips on how to sleep on a long-haul flight.

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Do it yourself travel clothesline for $1

Rubber clothesline Instructables user used 60 rubber bands to make a travel clothesline by soaking the rubber bands in water to make them more pliable, separating the bands into three even piles and tying each pile into a long strand, and braiding the strands together.

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Meet the locals using these online tools

Online websites like Couchsurfing and Hospitality Club are great ways to meet the locals and stay for free!

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Travel light by washing clothes using laundry soap

Wash clothes in sink Financial blog Mr. Money Mustache recommends taking a bar of laundry soap such as Colgate Octagon to hand wash your clothing in the bathroom sink.

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Write a local travel journal & post it to yourself for special memories

Purchase a small thin notebook, say size A6, made in the area you are travelling, if not the country you are in. You will also have a story to write on the purchase from a local newsstand owner, stationery vendor or artisan at a market. Its cover and paper will also ooze with the local culture, language, design and unique feel.

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Make that travel an experience in your way

Slow down, take it easy and let go off those gadgets – this will make your travel an experience you’ll never forget.

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Tips on a bedbug-free travel

One of the most annoying failure about travel is to bring home the bedbugs that may have creeped into your baggage. It saves a lot of money if you’re a cautious traveler by not spending more than $2,000 on getting your home bedbug free. So here are a few tips on how you can have a bedbug-free travel.

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Tips on things to do if you lose travel documents

Some of us have lost our essential travel document like passport or boarding pass, just after a cup of coffee at a cafe. If you have travel insurance then it may cover the loss of your personal belongings, but not the huge strain of losing the most important document. Here are some tips on what you should or can do.

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Save on a great short vacation with these tips

We have all felt the pinch of high gas prices and with the summer travel season here, most of us want the best for our bucks. Here are some tips to go out there and have a wonderful short vacation without the financial drain.

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Saving money on rail travel

Rail travelers are feeling the pinch due to another wave of fare increases and can beat ‘trainflation’ by smarter online buying. Here are 8 tips for saving money on rail travel.

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Traveling with friends

If your summer plans involve sharing your vacation with another couple, or their entire family, a little advanced planning will help to ensure that your friendship remains intact, long after your plane lands or car comes to a stop. Here are 12 tips that will get you and your spouse off to a good start.

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Traveling with a baby

Traveling with a baby can be daunting and overwhelming. You can avoid disasters of missing a flight or losing the stroller – here are top ten tips to prepare you for traveling with a baby.

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Trauma-free travel

Holidaying is one of our favorite pastimes, with Brits making almost 70,000 trips abroad alone each year. While we traditionally associate holidaying with seasonal health complaints such as travelers’ tummy, sunburn and insect bites, back pain is also a common holiday health hazard. We all need a holiday to recharge our batteries, but with back pain affecting almost 80% of us at some time in our lives, occasionally a combination of hectic preparations, uncomfortable journeys and emotional stress can mean that travel takes its toll on the back. Whether planning the holiday of a lifetime or just looking for a seasonal summer getaway,, has the following advice to help prevent and ease back pain on your travels.

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Money Tips

Carry as little cash as possible
It’s tempting for you to withdraw as much cash as you can in one transaction to avoid the fees, but it’s better to carry as little cash as possible to avoid theft. Use your credit card with zero transaction fees or get charged $2 for every small withdrawal than to withdraw $200 at once and have it all stolen. Don’t take risk of bringing all your money in hotel casinos because you’ll never know if you want to play casino games for a long time.

Getting Cash
There are several travel and forex agencies out there to exchange your local currency to the one of the country you’re traveling to. Although most forex agencies will give you the competitive rates, you have to go to their office to get your cash or the fees are high. Check with your local bank if they provide foreign exchange services, and if they do then you may get one of the best rates and delivered either to your local bank branch or at your doorstep. Ordering the foreign currency can be done online with a few simple steps.

Don’t buy travel insurance from airlines or cruise companies, he says, because coverage can be limited. Go to travel-insurance sites, such as, and Look for “cancel-for-any-reason” policies.

Credit Cards
Alert your bank and credit-card company that you’ll be traveling, especially if overseas. Bank-fraud departments are more vigilant about unusual activity on customers’ cards. If they see an ATM purchase in a different country, they typically will call you to verify charges. If you miss the call, your credit card could be frozen. Avoid the hassles by notifying your bank before leaving home.

Most of European nations use RFID (chip and pin technology) for their credit cards, while America and most Asian nations still use the less-sophisticated magnetic stripe system, which is not trusted elsewhere. To avoid your card being rejected, make sure to carry your passport at all times for proper identification. Merchants want to verify that the person using a credit card is actually the one authorized to do so.

Health Tips

Red-eyes and Visine
Have a small bottle of Visine eyedrops for long flights or in strange places. The eyes get red and don’t cope too well, and the Visine helps them relax.

Packing Tips

Lock the liquids
Ziploc bags help in packing your shampoo bottles but won’t prevent it from leaking and messing the other stuff in the bag. To stop leaking the liquids, tear off small pieces from plastic supermarket bags and stick them on top of each bottle before screwing the cap back on. Voila!

Pictures and list of bags & contents
If your bag is lost or stolen, it can take a while to file a claim and be reimbursed. Some insurance and airline companies ask for proof of the contents so take pictures of your luggage as well as its contents prior to leaving the house. Store this photo as a file on your computer, and e-mail it to yourself. Also include a list of the items packed.

Contact Lens case for liquids
Contact lens cases with screw-on lids make great container for small quantities of hair gel, eye make-up remover, or oils for one week’s worth. They’re small and they don’t leak. Buy them for a few dollars at most stores.

New backpack walk
Got a new backpack? It’s a good idea to walk with a packed bag, for about 30-60 minutes, preferably on a sunny day on a hilltop. This will give you an idea of what not to carry and make that backpack lighter.

Binder clips for carrying headphones
This video shows the simple process for using a binder clip as a handy headphone wrapper and clip, but just to lay it out:

Open the clip and place the cord inside, then drop the earplugs into the mouth of the clip. (They should be loosely hanging in the clip.) Grab the cord below your earbuds and start wrapping it around the arms of the binder clip. Don’t wrap too tightly; doing so could damage your headphones. (This is less of a worry the less fancy your headphones are.) When you’re near the end of your headphones, push the headphone jack through the top of the binder clip’s arms.
Bonus 1: You can clip your wrapped headphones to your backpack/purse/etc. to keep them handy.
Bonus 2: It also works as a cord shortener, also demonstrated in the video.

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