Saudi Arabia – Nine Days Itinerary

Nine days in Saudi Arabia

Where: Jeddah, Medina, Abha, Rijal Almaa, Al Ula, Hegra, Al Jahamah, Al Khalaf, Al Habala, Riyadh
Transport: Airlines, Car
Who: Four backpackers
Currency: Saudi Arabian Rial (SAR)


Places visited in nine days in Saudi Arabia



Planning & Information

Tips, info & details of planning.
  Day 1

Sights of the biggest city along the Red Sea.
  Day 2

Visiting the second holiest city of Islam.
  Day 3
Al Ula (Elephant Rock)

Visiting Elephant Rock in Al Ula.
  Day 4
Al Ula (Hegra, Old Town)

Visiting Hegra and Al Ula old town.
  Day 5
Al Ula (Dadan), Jeddah

Visiting Dadan and driving to Jeddah.
  Day 6
Abha, Rijal Almaa

Exploring the southern mountain area.
  Day 7
Al Jahamah, Al Khalaf, Al Habala

Historical villages of the south.
  Day 8

Sights of the capital city.
  Day 9
Pigeon Tower, Riyadh

Visiting sights out of Riyadh and getting out.
How much did it cost?

List of all the expenses.


Saudi Arabia by public transportTravel across Saudi Arabia without driving

Jian Kang provides tips on visiting Saudi Arabia without driving, and dives into the details of each region with tips and costs.


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