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Hands-on with WiFox app – wi-fi information & passwords for airports around the world

October 19, 2016


In an online world of 2016, any traveler would like access to a decent and free wi-fi network on an airport, which not just helps us update our social media statuses, but also to find some important information that we may have missed earlier. Or perhaps just to wail away our time on a long layover!

Most airports around the world offer either free unlimited wi-fi or access to free wi-fi for a limited time, like 2 hours. But there are tons of other networks that are secure and require a password to access them.

Travel blogger and computer security engineer Anil Polat has put together a regularly updated Google map that shows wi-fi passwords and locations of dozens of airports and lounges around the world.

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Being alone this Christmas could only mean: Sydney Adventure!

October 17, 2016


Just because you can’t (or don’t want to) visit your family on Christmas or do something similar, doesn’t mean that you should sit alone in your home and do nothing. Christmas time is perfect for traveling and is there any better place than sunny Sydney? Believe it or not, travelling alone is one really satisfying and relaxing experience, and you have endless possibilities to do whatever you want to and also meet a bunch of new people.

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Commonly Overlooked Roadtrip Expenses

October 17, 2016


The best part of road trips compared to other modes of traveling is no doubt the freedom it entails. Options for where to go are virtually endless, and the decision to change direction and itinerary is relatively no sweat. However, this wide range of opportunity comes with a catch – the greater chance for the overall expense to rise higher than the anticipated figure at the onset. This is due to a number of factors which are listed below, which if properly prepared for, won’t cause too great a financial headache during what is meant to be a fun getaway:

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The World’s Most Romantic Places to Propose

October 1, 2016


Are you getting ready to propose to your love, but don’t really know where to pop the question? Romantic destinations are closer than you might think, waiting for you to make them unforgettable for your future fiancé and you. From beautiful France, Italy, and Thailand, to gorgeous Greek islands, and magnificent Niagara waterfalls, pick the destination your future spouse has always dreamed of visiting, get down on one knee unexpectedly, and take their breath away.

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India will give free SIM card to tourists

September 6, 2016

Cellphone store in Mumbai

Traveling to India is cheap and frugal, and while you’re there, getting a local SIM card for your cellphones is easy, but because of the mind-boggling bureaucracy, you may not be able to get it activated instantly. The current process may take anything between 24 hours to 5 days!

The tourism minister announced on Monday that India will hand out free SIM cards to tourists on arrival. This is applicable for all the tourists who arrive in the country using electronic tourist visas, which covers about 150 countries.

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Get basic travel information about your next travel destination at BaseTrip

August 31, 2016


Most of us traveling to a new country would like to know some basic information like currency exchange rate, weather conditions, cost of living, any vaccinations required or important numbers. You can find all of this in different sources or websites, but head over to BaseTrip that provides all the basic and relevant information you should know about.

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Dress properly & pay more if you’re visiting Angkor Wat

August 8, 2016


Entrance fee update
The Cambodian government announced an increase in entrance fees for the Angkor Wat temple complex. Starting February 2017, visitors will be charged almost double of what they pay now.

The prices foreigners must pay for a one-day Angkor Pass will rise from $20 to $37, a three-day ticket from $40 to $62 and a one-week ticket from $60 to $72.

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Require a visa or not to your destination country? Passport Index will tell you

July 21, 2016


Planning a trip can be daunting in terms of booking flights, hotels, local transportation and tours. Additionally, you need to worry about vaccinations and documentation like passport and visas. Not everyone need visas to your destination country. While some countries offer visa-free travel, some offer visa-on-arrival and then there are countries which mandate you to get a visa prior to your departure.

Depending on the country’s passport you hold, you may get a visa-free travel or you may have to go through the maddening process taking weeks or months of paperwork and visits to consulates/embassies. Applying for a visa does not guarantee an approval, which can make or break your trip. For example, getting a tourist visa to the totalitarian government-run Turkmenistan is almost impossible!

Passport Index will tell you if you need visa to your destination country or not.

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Perfect Weekend in Sydney

July 19, 2016


Even though it is not the capital of Australia, Sydney is definitely the most visited city in the country. There’s little to no surprise here, since Sydney offers a great range of attractions and sights to see. The city with the biggest number of beaches is sure to leave anyone speechless. While Bondi Beach is definitely the most famous one, visiting other beaches (such as Manly) provides the wonderful view of Harbour Bridge and grandiose Opera House.

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3 Great U.K. Side Trips

July 19, 2016

[Edinburgh, Scotland]

It has always been my dream to visit the UK and explore its castles, beauties and, of course, London. London is probably the most popular place in England among tourists, but this doesn’t mean it’s the only one. As soon as I got the chance to go to the UK, I started planning and researching what I wanted to see. Besides spending at least 3 days in London, I decided to go on 3 amazing side trips.

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The coziest places to stay on the Seventh Continent

June 13, 2016


Visiting Australia is one of the best vacation decisions you can make. There are plenty of interesting people to meet, lots of iconic animals to see and observe breath-taking landscapes. However, not everything is about the adventure – you have to find a comfy and cozy place for staying. I have tried out several types of accommodations in Australia, and I would like to share my honest opinions, so you can only choose the best.

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The formula to calculate a good deal for your flight

May 18, 2016


With fuel prices at their lowest, airline fares are getting cheaper, but the prices vary depending on the trip time and your destination. How does one know if the fare you see is a good deal? Luiz Maykot, a data science analyst for Adobe, came up with a simple formula.

This is the formula:

  • For domestic flights: multiply the flight’s round-trip miles by $0.032, then add $230.
  • For international flights: multiply the flight’s round-trip miles by $0.08, then add $200.

For example, a round-trip flight between Los Angeles and Lisbon is 11,328 miles. Put this against the formula and you get $1,106.24, including taxes and fees. So anything below $1,106 would be a great deal.

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Google Translate will work in offline mode for Android (UPDATE: And for iOS)

May 11, 2016

Google Translate for Android

UPDATE: May 11, 2016
After three years of offline availability on Android, Google has finally made the translate app useful on iOS as well. If you’re traveling, this is incredibly useful since you likely aren’t paying for an international plan. In the Google Translate app, just tap the arrow next to the language name to download the package for that language. Android’s had this for a while, but the offline mode will also now work with the new Tap to Translate feature.

Original Post: March 13, 2013
We have reviewed over one hundred travel apps for iOS and one of them is Google Translate. The app is one of the finest translation apps out there, and with it’s voice controlled translation it is one the most used apps. But the part that sucks is you need an internet connection to be able to translate the conversation. And the mobile carriers charge exorbitant prices to enable international data roaming.

But Google Translate for Android won’t need that.

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FREE eBook – 48 Hours in Istanbul & Jerusalem and 24 Hours in Prague

April 27, 2016


Our most-downloaded travel guides are now available for download in PDF versions. For FREE!

So go ahead and download them and please let us know your feedback in comments below or contact us.

Kuwait to mandate DNA test for all visitors for “security” reasons

April 19, 2016


Traveling to Kuwait just got weirder and difficult (in addition to getting a visa). Kuwait will implement the mandatory DNA testing for everyone in the country, including tourists beginning sometime this year, as per Kuwait Times.

Here are some details:

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