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Google Maps overhaul will enhance your travel planning

May 15, 2013

googlemaps_tnGoogle announced the freshly and beautifully updated Maps – with a lot of new features and better-looking-existing ones, you will want to use these maps for everything from booking your flights, hotel reservations & bookings, public transportation to directions by car, walking or bicycle. The directions are dynamic and offers all the possibilities to reach from point A to B – by car, public transport (if available), walking and/or bicycle. If you don’t have the exact addresses, you can simply click on the map to plot it out on the fly.

And there’s lot more.

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U.K. launches ‘super priority’ same-day visa for Indian citizens

May 14, 2013

ukvisaBritain on Tuesday rolled out the same-day visa for Indians, making it the first country to get a visa to visit UK within 24 hours. However, it comes with a fat price – it will cost £600 (nearly Rs 50,000) in addition to the price of the visa.

Those in Delhi and Mumbai will be able to apply for this service. The UK home ministry said the ‘super priority’ visa is the first-of-its-kind to be launched ever and there are plans to expand the scheme to Chennai in the next few weeks.

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Gogo has license to offer wifi on transatlantic flights

May 14, 2013

GOGO LOGOIn-flight internet connectivity company, Gogo announced that “FCC has granted the company a blanket license to operate up to 1,000 Ku-band Satellite aircraft for international and domestic service”, which simply means they will offer wifi service on transatlantic flights.

The company has not yet announced what airlines will offer the service and when; and how much it will cost. But we know it’s not gonna be cheap! Keep watching this space for updates.

LGBT tourism grows in India

May 13, 2013

November 2011. A wedding is being held on the grounds adjoining the Devi Garh Hotel in Udaipur, Rajasthan. A small group of onlookers watches in fascination as the couple circumambulates the sacred fire seven times, while a Hindu priest chants mantras. Why are they so intrigued?

Because both those marrying are clad in smart sherwanis. Both happen to be men. The wedding is an instance of the growing phenomenon of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) tourism as a niche category in India. Both men were well aware that India is still a long way off from recognizing gay marriages.

In fact, they were already married, having signed on the dotted line in one of the US states where gay marriages are legal. They were in India merely for the experience of a big, fat Hindu wedding. And their entire trip was organised by the travel agency Indjapink.co.in, founded by Sanjay Malhotra in October 2008.

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Amazon’s Cloud Drive syncs your smartphone photos online while traveling

May 11, 2013

Amazon's Cloud Drive iPhone App

Amazon's Cloud Drive

Published: May 11, 2013
Link: iTunes
Cost: Free

Bang for buck: It’s free!
Ease of use:
The looks:

Last year DropBox Camera Uploads was added to its iOS app that allows you to upload your iPhone’s photos on the cloud, which you can save using their desktop app. Now Amazon introduced a similar app called ‘Cloud Drive’ that does pretty much the same, except that with Cloud Drive you can set it to automatically back up your entire camera roll or select only the photos you want for batch uploading.

Another advantage of using Cloud Drive is that the settings screen offers a “Large Uploads” feature that prevents your iPhone from locking its screen, letting you keep the phone in your pocket without worrying about running into iOS’s background uploading time limit. Unfortunately, the app will only import photos, not videos.

Amazon gives you 5 GB for free with no time limit, which should hold more photos than the 1000. Want more space? Then upgrades are reasonably priced at $10 per year for 20 GB, or $50 per year for 100 GB, which is half the price of DropBox’s 100 GB plan. Similar to DropBox, you can also access your photos through Amazon’s web interface or its free Cloud Drive desktop apps.

Send your comments if you have used this app for your travels. We’d love to hear from you!

Amazon's Cloud Drive iPhone App

Indian Wildlife Sanctuaries: Variation and mixture of assorted wildlife species

May 6, 2013

p4There are more than 400 wildlife sanctuaries and 98 national parks in India. Further, recently the count of the tiger reserve increased to 42. These figures make it quite clear that India is a home to varied wildlife species that bud in prosperity at the sanctuaries, national parks and reserves. Some of the famous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries that are acknowledged for preserving the rare fauna and flora species are discussed ahead.

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Airlines, hotels waive fees for Boston travelers

April 15, 2013

SOURCE: Boston.com

Our prayers go out to friends and families of the victims of the bombings in Boston .

In the wake of the Boston Marathon tragedies, airlines and hotels are waiving cancellation and trip change fees for travelers. If you’re in Boston, or you have plans to travel to Boston, here is a list of phone numbers to call for travel changes:

[Source: HuffingtonPost.com]


American Airlines: 1-800-433-7300
AirTran: Call 800-AIR-TRAN (800-247-8726)
Delta: 800-221-1212
JetBlue: 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583)
Southwest Airlines: 1-800-435-9792
United Airlines: 800-864-8331
US Airways: 800-428-4322
Virgin America: 1.877.359.8474


Hotels are also waiving fees for last-minute re-bookings. Here’s a list of the major hotel groups and their phone numbers:

Fairmont Hotels: 800-527-4727
Four Seasons: 800-332-3442
Hilton Hotels: 800-445-8667
Hyatt Hotels: 800-233-1234
InterContinental Hotels: 800-327-0200
Kimpton: 800-546-7866
Marriott: 800-831-1000
Preferred Hotels: 800-323-7500
Ritz-Carlton: 800-241-3333
Sheraton Hotels: 800-325-3535
W Hotels: 877-946-8357
Westin Hotels: 800-325-3535
Wyndham Hotels: 800-545-5545

The most important thing at this point is your safety.

If your travel plans are cancelled, or if you need to change your travel plans, rest assured you’ll be able to do this with ease.

American citizens can travel to Cuba with a licensed travel operator

April 12, 2013

cuba_flagAfter a chat over coffee with a friend on the next destination for, possibly, a long-weekend travel, I recommended visiting Cuba. “You realize that American citizens are not allowed to travel to Cuba?” was the questioned remark from my friend. A lot of Americans think that Cuba is off limits for them, but that’s not true.

Obama Administration reauthorized legal educational travel to Cuba in 2011 and thousands of Americans have participated in “people-to-people” tours since the opportunity was reinstated more than two years ago.

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Cruising for a bargain

April 12, 2013

Source: CruiseDeals.co.uk

Source: CruiseDeals.co.uk

A cruise can be the perfect way to get away from it all. It’s a hassle-free option that many travelers enjoy for the sun, sea and simplicity of it all. But cruises can be very expensive. So what if you’re a budget traveler? Is a cruise an option? Let’s find out!

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Most enjoyable holiday destinations

April 11, 2013

St. Peter's BasillicaMany times we think to move out of our buy schedules to spend some holiday at a good place. After that we also start imagining about those places if were there. But after one or two days, we get busy in our old busy work. We should also take out some tome to explore the most beautiful places of the world. Let us check out some great place to plan our holiday.

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WEF releases the world’s friendliest countries to foreigners

April 9, 2013

welcomingWorld Economic Forum’s released the list of the most friendly countries in the world – Iceland and New Zealand taking the first place in “attitude of population towards foreign visitors” category.

Some of the surprises were Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Burkina Faso as the fourth, eighth and tenth friendliest countries, despite not being internationally renowned for tourism. While seven of WEF’s top ten friendliest countries were new in 2013, Austria performed well in WEF’s list, climbing from tenth in 2011 to fifth this year.

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Looking for last minute hotel booking? Try these travel apps (updated)

April 9, 2013

Last Minute HotelsDisruptions on your travels can leave you with cancelled hotel bookings leaving you to need a place to stay at the last-minute. There’s a recent boom in same-day, last-minute booking apps for smartphones and tablets that helps you to find a deal when travel providers won’t cover an overnight stay. Hotels are racing to fill up their remaining rooms and will woo travelers with mobile-only flash sales, typically discounting rates 10% to 40% from other online sites.

Most of the aggregator websites like Priceline, Expedia, Travlocity, Hotels.com etc. offer ‘last-minute deals’ on hotels. And then there are smartphone apps that offer the same. Not all websites or apps offer deals in all regions of the world, and a few of them target specific regions only.

So here’s a list of some of them:

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Travel Photo: Wishing Bridge, Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv

April 8, 2013

According to legend, if you touch your zodiac sign on the Wishing Bridge in Tel Aviv’s Jaffa District while facing the sea and make a wish, it will come true.

Travel Photo: Wishing Bridge, Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv

Earn airlines frequent flyer miles on hotels with RocketMiles

April 8, 2013

RocketMilesIf you’re a part of any of the airline frequent flyer miles program, you may not be aware of the fact that you can earn thousands of miles by staying at some of the select hotels. Launched today, RocketMiles will allow you to earn miles just by booking rooms that the website serves up directly.

Like the partnership programs with credit-card companies, Rocketmiles also buys miles from the airlines which it then ties to stays with its partner hotels. Rocketmiles supports 15 cities in the U.S. and plans to expand to even more markets over the next few months, adding about one to two cities per week.

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Airfare based on passenger weight is now a reality

April 2, 2013

SamoaAir_380SAThe next line of ‘fees’ that airlines will start charging passengers is already here. Samoa Air is the world’s first airline to introduce pricing based on passengers’ weight.

The new policy will enforce passengers to enter their weight along with the weight of their baggage at the time of booking. The combined weight will then be used to calculate the fare, and the values will be verified at the airport, with customers being weighed.

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