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Wi-Fi on airlines – who offers, for how much

July 16, 2013

International Wi-Fi on United AirlinesA lot of airlines worldwide come with Wi-Fi access nowadays on either their entire fleet or certain planes or routes. There are apps and websites tell you if that flight offers Wi-Fi on that route or the airplane during your booking process. Earlier this year, we told you that United Airlines started offering wi-fi on their international flights becoming the first of its kind. Most U.S.-based airlines offer connectivity in the air for flights over U.S. territory only.

So which airlines offer wi-fi and how much does it cost? Here’s a list of some of them:

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Hostel Review: Hotel Utama, Copacabana, Bolivia

July 16, 2013
Hotel Utama, Copacabana, Bolivia

Breakfast included: Yes

Address: Calle Michell Perez, Copacabana, Bolivia
Phone: +59128622013

Great hotel with a lot of rooms (24 of them), some of which face Lake Titicaca. When you book this hotel through, make sure to place a request for a room facing the lake as they get filled in real fast. Rooms 101-102, 111-112, 201-202 & 211-212 don’t have any windows and are the worst in terms of space and amenities. You get double beds or two single beds and each room has its own bathroom. The hotel provides towels and hot water (not available between 10pm and 6am).

Breakfast is available between 7:15am-9:30am and is a hearty one with toasts (butter & jam), eggs, one slice of bacon & one slice of cheese, cereal, yogurt, coffee/tea, that will fill you up for the day.

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Travel photo: Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

July 12, 2013

Salar de Uyuni

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Caution: Virus converting tigers into man-eaters at Sunderban

June 28, 2013

tiger-attackConservation of the tigers has always been an area of major concern in India. Earlier it was the loss of habitat and poachers’ attack that threatened the conservationists, but now a virus is giving a tough time to the communities working for the welfare of wildlife.

CDV, Canine Distemper Virus is reported to be a lethal reason for the depleting number of tigers in countries like Indonesia and Russia. This virus is common in cattle, especially dogs. The report of CDV killing the tigers at neighboring countries is bothering the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA). NTCA has asked the respective state authorities of different tiger reserves to take preventive actions to fight the peril.

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Urs Fischer’s art at MOCA, Los Angeles

June 27, 2013

Urs Fischer at MOCA, Los AngelesSpread across MOCA Grand Avenue and The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), Los Angeles, the first survey in the United States of the Swiss-born artist Urs Fischer weaves together some of his most memorable and iconic sculptural, and the pleasure that we derive from his sculpture and painting is based on our attraction to and simultaneous repulsion by the dreamlike appearances that he constructs.

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Top 9 travel nightmares in infographic

June 27, 2013

Travel NightmaresWhat are your travel nightmares? Losing your bags? Flight delays? Identity theft? HotSpotShield came up with this infographic that lists the top 9 travel nightmares with some statistics & numbers.

And did you know that over 200 deaths are caused by hippos, while over 2000 are by crocodiles?

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Reusable electronic bag tags may help your bags arrive

June 27, 2013

BA_PBT_02_240613_tnFlying can make some people anxious, moreover to do with their bags reaching the destination safely. All airlines use paper tags and they are prone to being worn-out or tearing apart. You’re stuck with no bags in that case.

Qantas Airlines has been using the ‘Q Bag Tag‘ for a while now and costs about $30, and now British Airways has teamed up with DreamWorks to develop a “highly innovative electronic Bag Tag”.

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Airports of the world plotted as a map

June 27, 2013

GcIrbYl_tnYou have seen the paper maps and you have seen the online digital maps using cartography methods, but James Davenport created a world map using just airports, runways and helicopter pads.

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Travel photo: ‘Stop AIDS’ sign in San Francisco, California

June 25, 2013

Welcome to San Francisco, Please fuck safely.

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Nineteen new sites added to UNESCO World Heritage List

June 25, 2013

WHCUNESCO’s World Heritage list added nineteen new sites to its top honor for monuments, buildings, sites or natural features “of outstanding universal value.”

At a meeting in Cambodia for its 37th annual session, UNESCO World Heritage Committee granted “UNESCO World Heritage status” to new list of 19 sites:

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Travel photo: Sheikh Zayed Mosque, U.A.E.

June 25, 2013

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Photo by: Ravi Prabhu

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LA city sides taxis, strikes down ride-sharing companies

June 25, 2013

Lyft car in Los AngelesThe top three taxi ride-sharing companies have been sent cease-and-desist letters by the LA City Department of Transportation – Uber, Lyft and Sidecar. These companies provide apps for smartphones that can be used to book non-public taxis or ride-share on the go. Now, the city’s department of transportation warned company officials and their drivers that operating an automobile-for-hire without a permit will not be tolerated.

“Due to the fact that your company has no permits or license to transport passengers for hire, in the interest of public safety, Sidecar, including all of its agents and contractors, is hereby directed to cease and desist from picking up passengers within the City of Los Angeles,” wrote Thomas M. Drischler, taxicab administrator for the L.A. Department of Transportation, in a letter addressed to Sidecar CEO Sunil Paul.

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Travel tip: Relieve lower back pain for air travel with this tip

June 25, 2013

beachballWe all know that flying long distances is a pain in the neck… literally. You can avoid sore, achy backs by bringing in an inflatable beach ball.

Doug Kelsey, a physical therapist, writes on My Itchy Travel Feet that small amount of air in the ball supports your lower back and this simple beach ball is one of the best lumbar supports around because it’s adjustable.

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Book bus travel in India using RedBus

June 24, 2013

redbusTraveling across India is not difficult with its world’s largest rail network, but booking tickets can be a daunting task. You may have to book well in advance or wait in endless line at the ticket windows. Of course, you can cook online, but the probability of finding a seat at the last minute is challenging.

Your other option is buses; with more and more private bus companies offering luxury travel between various cities, almost, across the country, this can be a good option to consider. The time taken to travel between cities, especially long distance, may not be significantly more than what it’d take to travel by train.

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Travel Photo: Silent protests at Taksim Square, Istanbul

June 19, 2013

Silent protesters sit around candle-lit circles at Gezi Park & Taksim Square, Istanbul, Turkey

Silent protests at Taksim Square, Istanbul

Photo: Nico Morano / Travel On The Dollar

Two girls join the peaceful protest, in Taksim Square, and remained standing and motionless for hours in the middle of the square watching towards Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s portrait, defying the police who raided more and more times. Outstretched arms on hips, staring straight at Atatürk and the Turkish flag, a silence that screams in the setting for this indescribable atmosphere. It exudes a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, although the police continue to patrol the park. This quietness is without a doubt to say that the protesters do not intend to recover the park.

Taksim Square, Istanbul

Photo: Nico Morano / Travel On The Dollar

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