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Cost of permits to climb Mount Everest drops

February 14, 2014

Everest_SummitIt took a staggering amount of US$25,000 to get a permit to climb Mount Everest, but now Nepalese authorities have slashed that to US$12,000 starting next year, in hopes of attracting more tourists.

Prices vary a lot depending on the season. The $11,000 price is for the high climbing season stretching from March to May.

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Personal experience on a trip to the symbol of love – Taj Mahal

February 10, 2014

Taj_Mahal_at_morningThere is a lot to say but I will try to stay brief.

My wife and I planned to meet our daughter, who is currently studying in India, and road trip together thus we contacted 6-8 agencies for help. Many frantic email exchanges later, we decided upon a presumably a new entrant, at least in web sphere called, ANT Travels, simply for their astonishing mail response quality, flexibility economical, persistence and above all, showing patience.

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Map of every bus and train routes across U.S.

February 6, 2014

If you’re a traveler like us who prefers public transportation and road journeys, then look at the detailed map of every Greyhound (bus) and Amtrak (bus and train) route across United States that the American Intercity Bus Riders Association has put together.

Download the PDF here and save it to your smartphone or tablet for easy access.

‘Tourism Dirham’ in Dubai will increase accommodation rates

February 3, 2014

UAE DirhamsThe Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council are introducing something called as ‘Tourism Dirham’, which is a minimal charge to be applied to guests staying in all genres and rating of holiday accommodation including hotels, hotel apartments, guesthouses and holiday homes.

This minimal charge will be applicable from March 31, 2014 and will vary between 7 to 20 dirhams per room, per night, depending on the hotel category and rating.

The tourism fees, being already charged in several leading tourist destinations around the world, will help strengthen Dubai’s position as a leading tourist destination, bringing the emirate in line with international industry standards, cited Helal Saeed Almarri, Director-General of Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

Travel photo: Iguana on a tree at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

January 29, 2014

Iguana sitting on a tree in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Nepal doubles tourism service fee for all outgoing foreign travelers

January 29, 2014

Nepal_VisaThe Himalayan nation of Nepal announced that the tourism service fee of NRs. 500 will be increased to NRs. 1,000 (excluding VAT) from March 1, 2014.

Citing price rise in the international market and devaluation of local currency, the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) said that the price rise in the international market coupled with the devaluation of Nepalese currency and stiff competition among destinations, for their presence in the international tourism market, has made it difficult for Nepal Tourism Board to fare well in the international promotion.

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) has revised the tourism service fee after a gap of nine years.

The TSF will be levied on the outgoing foreign travelers departing from all airports in Nepal.

Top casinos to visit when travelling to Asia

January 29, 2014

Asia has really made a name for itself as a place to travel to if you want to play at some of the world’s finest casinos in the last decade or so – and these are just a few of the best ones it has to offer.

(Photo: Wikipedia)

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Traveling to India after April 2014? You must see this

January 26, 2014

rbi_2005_1If you are traveling to India after April 1, 2014, and exchanging currency to Indian Rupee either in or out of the country, make sure to check every single note before you accept it. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has said that all currency notes issued prior to 2005 would be withdrawn from March 31, 2014.

From April 1, 2014, the public will be required to approach banks for exchanging these notes.

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Reunion releases new promotional video for 2014 (Video)

January 23, 2014

reunionWith 40% of the island classified as a UNESCO world heritage site, Reunion released it’s tourism promotional video for 2014 that displays it’s stunning landscapes, varied culture and fantastic marine life.

This is a 4-plus minute video captioned as ‘Combine Your Emotions’ for the 2,500 sq-km island nation of Reunion.

Travel the world with Somewhere

January 23, 2014


Public Instagram photos combined with those from Foursquare and Wikipedia makes it fun to see the world in a different perspective. Head over to this really cool website called Somewhere, an addictive place for travel destinations using Instagram, Foursquare and Wikipedia data.

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New TouristCard gets discounts in Vietnam

January 22, 2014

A promotion card for tourists, called TouristCard, has been introduced at 200 locations in six cities and provinces nationwide.

For now, over 3000 cards are available with agents nationwide and costs VND 90,000 (US$4.30) each.

The card gives discounts ranging between 10% to 50% for services at specified hotels, restaurants and resorts in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Danang, Khanh Hoa, Quang Tri and Quang Binh.

The card, which is similar to an ATM card, will provide all information about tourism services and online payments.

Seoul Lantern Festival 2013 in pictures

January 22, 2014

Since its inception in 2009, the annual Seoul Lantern Festival puts on a remarkable display of lanterns on the famous Cheonggyecheon Stream in downtown Seoul.

During the festival period, hundreds of lanterns, each with a unique design and story, are lit on the stream. Visitors can expect to see lanterns made by international artists, as well as local citizens.

Seoul Lantern Festival

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Seek the confluence points

January 21, 2014

ConfluencePeople go to extremes traveling the world with set itineraries and points-of-interests.

One of them is ‘Confluence Trips’. A point of confluence occurs at the integer degree intersections where a line of latitude meets a line of longitude. There is a confluence within 49 miles (79 km) of you if you’re on the surface of the world.

There are 64,442 latitude and longitude degree intersections in the world (counting each pole as one intersection). Check out to find out how many fall in your country.

Have you been to any confluences? Send your stories in comments.


Must-have app for tracking Northern Lights

January 19, 2014

Aurora ForecastLink: iTunes
Cost: Free

Bang for buck: It’s free!
Ease of use:
The looks:

With NASA scientists predicting the best time to see the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is now, there’s no guarantee that you will be able to really see them. Instead of spending days at a destination you are going just to see the Northern Lights, it’s best to choose one where you can have a good time or which you’ve always wanted to visit, and see the Borealis too.

Travelers or Northern Lights chasers recommend checking the forecast of the sun and magnetic waves before planning a chasing-trip. Aurora Forecast is an excellent app just for that. With recent aurora activity and forecast data provided by NOAA POES and Geophysical Institute at UAF, this app has loads of information on the aurora activity levels at different locations that occurred in the last few days and forecast for the next few days.

Aurora Forecast

Hotels in China provide smog masks to guests

January 10, 2014

Smog mask in ShanghaiWe all know how awful the smog in China is, so now some hotels in China provide gas masks to their guests.

Redditor Mthomaseddy posted this picture of a gas mask packed in a beautiful cloth bag. The package was placed in his room when he arrived at the Shanghai Fairmont. It is just an air-filter mask, rather than something to use in gas attacks.

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