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7 fun things you must do in Berlin

November 19, 2013

Berlin-Mitte_Deutsches_CurrBerolina, the femme fatale symbolizing the city couldn’t be more proud of her city. Berlin is everything you want it to be. Approximately 135 million tourists visit Berlin per year, the numbers rising every year turning this city less German and more Cosmo. Being the capital of Germany, it goes without saying that it has influential reputation in every area be it Business and Economy, Industry, Education, Healthcare and most importantly transportation within the country and abroad. However, there is more to it:

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Expect to pay more on all flights out of Morocco starting April

November 15, 2013

Rabat_AirportPlanning on a travel to Morocco next year? Be prepared to shell out a bit more out of your pocket because Morocco’s cash-strapped government plans to levy a tax on all flights out of the country, which would be used to promote it as a holiday destination.

The Parliament approved the plan for an aviation tax effective April 1, 2014. First class flights will be taxed 400 dirhams ($48) while a surcharge of 100 dirhams ($12) will be added to economy class tickets.

The government expects to raise around 90 million euros a year initially, half of which is expected to fund the activities of the Moroccan national tourist office, with the rest to go to a social development fund. The proceeds would allow Morocco to raise its profile in places like Brazil, China, the Gulf and West Africa, where interest in holidays to the country is growing, as well as in eastern Europe.

Travel Photo: Saghmosavank, Armenia

November 13, 2013

The Saghmosavank is a 13th-century Armenian monastic complex located in the village of Saghmosavan in the Aragatsotn Province of Armenia.

Saghmosavank, Armenia

This ‘Ultimate Bucket List’ takes 255 days and costs a lot

November 13, 2013

362650-lhs-ultimatebucketliHow long does it take to cover 100 of the world’s greatest travel experiences in a one non-stop trip? Home exchange website, LoveHomeSwap says 255 days and costs about £50,000 ($80,000). The itinerary put together by LoveHomeSwap would take in activities ranging from bog-snorkelling in Llanwrytd Wells in Wales to reading a newspaper while floating on the Dead Sea in the Middle East.

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Alternative Tips for travel to the USA

November 13, 2013

ESTAFor travellers to the U.S, there are a thousand “top-tip” lists spread across the internet that, while perennially useful, often repeat the same common-sense rules that most travellers already hold dear. However, a few very important tips are repeatedly forgotten on these lists and we’re here to reset the balance. Take a look at out 5 alternative tips to hassle free travel in the “land of the free”.

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Water sports in India – wet-thrill at it’s best!

November 13, 2013

india-water-sportsIn India, different forms of fun can indulge people from various backgrounds with varying appetite for adventure. At one end, some individuals find even taking a step out of their house adventurous. At the other extreme end, risk takers are not intimidated by even the mighty waves of sea and killing currents of rivers. In both the cases though, the spirit of adventure is exhilarating all the same. In both the cases though, all the same is exhilarating spirit of adventure.

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This bag will keep clean & used clothes separate while traveling

November 13, 2013

205-OUTLIER-Doublebag-OnTopPacking light is the way to go these days when you’re traveling. But many a times you face the challenge to stow your used clothes separate from the clean ones. Outliner introduces this fantastic Doublebag that really is two bags in one, with openings on both ends and one movable partition in the middle that keeps the contents of both side separate.

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Travel photo: Al Saleh Mosque, Yemen

November 7, 2013

Al Saleh Mosque, Yemen

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Hand signals you must avoid while traveling abroad

November 5, 2013

Most of us are used to certain kind of hand gestures that represent an OK sign or a thumbs-up to represent something that is great. But that may be considered as rude or something very inappropriate in certain regions or countries.

For example, a thumbs-up hand gesture says ‘good job’ in U.S., U.K. or other countries, but in parts of Latin America, West Africa, Iran, and Sardinia, a thumbs-up is more akin to flipping someone the bird. A friendly thumbs-up has landed lots of unwitting travelers on the wrong end of angry glares.

MentalFloss has come up with a list of gestures that any traveler should avoid. Read more at What Hand Signals Should I Avoid When Traveling Abroad?

Your Amsterdam mini travel guide

November 5, 2013

AmsterdamAmsterdam is a popular tourist destination for many people in Europe and from further afield. Known as Venice of the north, Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ creative, cultural and financial centre. Amsterdam appeals to a wide variety of travellers, from those looking for exciting nightlife to visitors looking to take in the architecture and history.

If you’re planning your first trip to Amsterdam, then read on for our top tips in our Amsterdam mini travel guide.

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Travel Photo: O-Tori Gate at Miyajima Island, Japan

November 4, 2013

Photo by: Aashir


Travel photo: Upper Yosemite Falls, United States

October 16, 2013

Upper Yosemite Falls, California

Why choose Seattle?

October 16, 2013

SeattleHere is a city I am very fascinated with and very excited to tell you about as well. One of the things I find most interesting about this city is that it was named for a Native American Chief named Noah Seattle.

Another very interesting thing about Seattle is the Klondike Gold Rush which saw an end to the great depression which begun in 1893. How I wish to be there in 1897 when the SS Portland brought the ship of gold to the dock of Seattle making the city one of the major transportation centers in the US.

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30 most attractive destinations were in summer 2013

October 16, 2013

LONDONminigraphics_tnWhich cities around the world are most worth visiting? If you want to experience as many must-see places as possible, you should definitely add London, Rome, San Francisco, Istanbul and Budapest to your travel bucket list.

All these cities have at least 10 sights that attract the attention of more than half of the visiting tourists. Las Vegas and Singapore, on the other hand, have no such place to offer and you’ll have to settle for not-so-famous attractions if you plan to spend a few days here.

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Travel photo: Early morning in Lithuania

October 14, 2013

Early morning in Lithuania

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