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Egypt will charge ‘development tax’ for tourists at certain airports

May 13, 2014

luxor_airportInspite of multiple countries issuing travel warnings to Egypt, extreme travelers still prefer to visit the land of pyramids. So after increasing the tourist visa fee from $15 to $20 this May, the Ministry of Tourism announced that beginning June this year, there will be a development tax on tourists arriving at certain airports.

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Incredible selfie video in 36 countries and traveling for 600 days

May 12, 2014

After driving his motorcycle for 200,000 Km in 600 days, Alex Chacon has come up with this incredible “selfie” video. It was filmed on a GoPro camera on a stick.

Alex crossed over 75 borders in 36 countries to to capture this incredible footage.


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5 destinations every solo female traveler has to visit

May 12, 2014

greeceCareer, relationships, friends, family, children… a woman’s life is far from easy. Getting caught in this myriad of responsibilities and trying to strike a balance between different aspects of life can get so demanding that there is hardly any place for some quality ‘me time’. A solo travel may be just the kind of thing you need to break away from the pressures of your routine and bounce back rejuvenated. This is perhaps why the trend of solo female travelers heading out for vacations is on the rise, and for good reason.

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Exploring natural splendor of Chapada Diamantina

May 9, 2014

By: Naresh Shah – Mumbai, India

Chapada_Diamantina_Gruta_da_PratinhaFrom Salvador a comfortable six hours bus ride operated by Real Expresso took us to Lençóis (Bahia), a pretty little town with colorful houses on cobblestone streets. Lençóis serves as an excellent “base camp” to explore the Parque Nacional da Chapada Diamantina, a park enriched with valleys, caves, and waterfalls.

Just two day halt at Lençóis is considered very little time to fully explore the splendid park so we were advised to take an extensive day trip that promised us most exhaustive experience of the richness of the park operated by a local adventure tour company Eco Tur.

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Experiencing mind-blowing spectacle of Iguaçu Falls

May 7, 2014

By: Naresh Shah – Mumbai, India

iguacu_falls1The big three daddies of waterfalls world on earth are considered to be the Iguaçu Falls (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay), the Niagara Falls (Canada and USA), and the Victoria Falls (Zambia and Zimbabwe).

As we started planning our Brazil trip we were very certain to visit the magnificent natural wonder of Iguaçu falls. Foz do Iguaçu, a town that prospered with construction of the Itaipu Dam, serves as access point to visit the waterfalls from the Brazilian side. Iguaçu means “BIG WATERS” in Guarani language. Millions of years formed the basaltic rocks canyon where the Iguaçu river falls in 20 km downstream joining the Parana river.

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Get this app to see what’s in North Korea

May 7, 2014

North Korea Travel iPhone AppLink: iTunes
Cost: $0.99

Bang for buck:
Ease of use:
The looks:

Visiting North Korea is an adventure of its own and with about 5000-6000 travelers in a year, this is the perhaps the last destination on anyone’s mind. But a new app call North Korea Travel wants you to visit the hermit kingdom from your armchair.

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Check solo prices even if you’re traveling in group

April 25, 2014

grouptravelTraveling with family or friends can be super fun, but if you travel as a group, you could be paying more for your airfares than you would if you were traveling alone.

Wisebread says that airline reservation systems have multiple airfare classes and a set number of seats in any particular class. This is not about whether you book seats in the economy class or the first class. In economy class alone, there could be 10 different price classes.

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Increase in tourist visa fees for Egypt

April 24, 2014

egypt_visaEgypt will increase tourist visa fees from $15 to $20 starting on May 1, 2014.

According to Hesham Zazou, tourism minister, the increase is slight and is not expected to affect the flow of tourists to the country.

The decision to increase the cost of a tourist visa to Egypt was previously postponed several times. The decision was initially meant to be implemented in November 2013. It was then postponed to February 2014, and finally to 1 May.

According to the tourism ministry, Egypt’s visa is still amongst the cheapest worldwide.

‘Air Pass’ allows you to travel through Vanilla Islands for a month

April 9, 2014

The home airline of Reunion Island, Air Austral, has launched an air pass (website in French) which, in combination with a long haul ticket to Reunion, now allows passengers to visit some of the other spectacular islands which form the “Vanilla Islands” of the Indian Ocean.

The ticket prices range between €45 and €90 per sector and the destinations listed under the arrangement are Mauritius, Madagascar (Antananarivo Nosy Be and Tamatave), Mayotte, Comoros and the Seychelles – which form the Vanilla Islands. The maximum duration of a journey across the islands is one month and this deal is valid only on services operated by Air Austral.

Children between the age of 2 to 12, traveling with their parents will be charged at a fare two thirds of the adult fare.

Travelers from outside the European Union are advised however to check visa requirements for Madagascar, Comoros and Mauritius. Seychelles has an open door policy of NOT requiring any visa from tourists, no matter their nationality.

American & US Airways merger means higher baggage fees & more

April 9, 2014

aa_usairwaysWith the merger of American Airlines and US Airways, American is making changes to baggage fees and frequent-flyer rules. To begin with, American announced that passengers will be charged $35 for their first checked bag for flights to Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America, which was free per passenger on those 140 daily flights. The change applies to tickets beginning today.

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You must stay in this house for an offbeat experience

April 6, 2014

One of the best experiences is to stay at weird and offbeat places around the world, so if you find yourself in the Austrian Alps, stay at the Ufogel, which is a 45 square meter (approx 485 sq. ft.) house, designed by Peter Jungmann. This house is located in the mountains close to Linz or Nußdorf-Debant in Austria.

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Travel Photo: Cristo Redentor behind clouds, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

April 4, 2014

Cristo Redentor behind clouds, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Why traveling around the world is beneficial for you

April 1, 2014

478548533_84a93df282_zThere is much all around the world to learn and know, but the need is to take out some time. Journey around the world let us get close with the different societies and cultures. We came to know about different people and their living styles and much more. In the following lines the same aspects are highlighted for the passionate travelers.

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Lufthansa pilot strike cancels 3,800 flights for three days

April 1, 2014

Lufthansa has canceled 3,800 flights for April 2-4, or virtually all of its operations, due to a planned walkout by pilots, in what would be one of the biggest strikes ever to hit the German airline. The strike affects the vacation travel for the Easter Vacation for many German citizens.

The Vereiningung Cockpit, the union representing most of Lufthansa’s 5,400 pilots, last week said it was calling for a three-day strike starting April 2 over plans by Germany’s largest airline to scrap an early retirement deal. Although Lufthansa had improved its offer, the pilots said it wasn’t enough as it didn’t apply to pilots joining after 2014.


The strike affects flights run by its Lufthansa brand as well as its Germanwings low-cost unit, and it has also canceled 23 out of a planned 31 Lufthansa Cargo flights for the strike period.

Lufthansa said it would rebook customers onto other airlines or trains. Its units Swiss, Austrian, Eurowings, CityLine, Air Dolomiti, plus partner Brussels Airlines, would use larger aircraft on routes to and from Germany where possible. Lufthansa also said it hopes to add staff at the Frankfurt and Munich airports over the three-day strike to minimize the impact on customers.

Russian citizens no longer require visa to Costa Rica

March 31, 2014


Currently, Russian citizens are required to apply for a visa to Costa Rica only at the Costa Rican Consulate in Moscow, which for residents in other parts of that country meant long traveling distances.

Starting today, Costa Rica eliminated the visa requirement for citizens of the Russian Federation as a measure to increase tourism and investments from that country. This will allow a maximum stay of up to 30 days that can be extended for up to 90 days for each Russian citizen.

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