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Lufthansa pilot strike cancels 3,800 flights for three days

April 1, 2014

Lufthansa has canceled 3,800 flights for April 2-4, or virtually all of its operations, due to a planned walkout by pilots, in what would be one of the biggest strikes ever to hit the German airline. The strike affects the vacation travel for the Easter Vacation for many German citizens.

The Vereiningung Cockpit, the union representing most of Lufthansa’s 5,400 pilots, last week said it was calling for a three-day strike starting April 2 over plans by Germany’s largest airline to scrap an early retirement deal. Although Lufthansa had improved its offer, the pilots said it wasn’t enough as it didn’t apply to pilots joining after 2014.


The strike affects flights run by its Lufthansa brand as well as its Germanwings low-cost unit, and it has also canceled 23 out of a planned 31 Lufthansa Cargo flights for the strike period.

Lufthansa said it would rebook customers onto other airlines or trains. Its units Swiss, Austrian, Eurowings, CityLine, Air Dolomiti, plus partner Brussels Airlines, would use larger aircraft on routes to and from Germany where possible. Lufthansa also said it hopes to add staff at the Frankfurt and Munich airports over the three-day strike to minimize the impact on customers.

Russian citizens no longer require visa to Costa Rica

March 31, 2014


Currently, Russian citizens are required to apply for a visa to Costa Rica only at the Costa Rican Consulate in Moscow, which for residents in other parts of that country meant long traveling distances.

Starting today, Costa Rica eliminated the visa requirement for citizens of the Russian Federation as a measure to increase tourism and investments from that country. This will allow a maximum stay of up to 30 days that can be extended for up to 90 days for each Russian citizen.

The best airport of 2014 is…

March 27, 2014

British aviation consultancy and review company, Skytrax, announced the most prestigious awards in the airport industry – World Airport Awards – that are independent and based on 12.85 million customer nominations across 110 nationalities of air travelers, and included 410 airports worldwide. The survey evaluates customer satisfaction across 39 key performance indicators for airport service and product – from check-in, arrivals, transfers, shopping, security and immigration, through to departure at the gate.

Here are the results for 2014:

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Prague by night in pictures

March 25, 2014


Travel photo: Iguaçú Falls, Brazil

March 24, 2014


Best places to dine in Dalaman 2014

March 24, 2014

Situated along the south-west coast of Turkey is a town called Dalaman which is known for its sunny weather and warm climate. Dalaman is a popular tourist destination from great attractions to beautiful resorts and the exquisite restaurants but there’s no doubt if you’re planning on going to Dalaman I highly suggest booking your holiday from Directline Holidays!


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Beautiful travel postcards for purchase

March 24, 2014

Sending postcards to friends and family during your travels? Purchase our beautifully designed postcards from the list below and let your family friends know you’re thinking of them, while letting them know you’re that awesome traveler!

Postcards can be purchased from zazzle.com directly.

See and purchase all postcards here

Travel apps reviewed

March 19, 2014

Along with over 155 travels apps for iOS, here are the three new we have reviewed:


Price: Free

Flying is a fun app to see how many miles you have flown by adding your future and past (up to a certain date) flights.

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City Maps 2Go Pro
Price: $2.99

This pro version of City Maps 2Go, provided by Ulmon city guides, helps you navigate that city without consuming any data. The app pulls maps and data from OpenStreetMap, which is a collaborative open project comparable to Wikipedia.

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Price: Free

Voted as one of the best Augmented Reality browsers by Augmented Planet and CNN, Wikitude will help you find restaurant reviews from TripAdvisor and Yelp and details about any attraction from Wikipedia.

Read full review

Eat Perth – A food tour in Australia’s sunniest city

March 13, 2014

Perth_Sandwich_tnRight in the heart of Perth’s summer festival season, now is the perfect time to be explore the social scene in Australia’s sunniest city. Rich Keam has tasted his way around the best spots from cafes to food trucks.

In recent years Perth has seen fresh sparks enter its streets. Historic buildings, disused spaces, hidden corners and laneways are being reactivated by passionate and creative entrepreneurs. Small bars, cosy restaurants, late night dining, pop up shops, street food and farmers markets are at the very heart of this change. There has never been a better time to taste what the city has on offer. Better still, many of these new haunts are showcasing Western Australia’s fresh, local and seasonal produce.

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Tips for a healthy summer vacation trip this year

March 12, 2014

1133737_18092107Most of us take holidays just for rest and usually we used to spend our holidays doing by nothing or sitting in front of television, sleeping, drink wine with friends, playing with pets, reading some interesting books. There is no such big change that they bring in their lives even in their vacations. But here we will tell you few important tips that can fill bright and glowing colors in their vacation.

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Ask for a refund on non-working wi-fi on United flight

March 12, 2014

If you are one of many passengers who have experienced outage on wireless services on a United Airlines flight, then you’re in for some dough! The people at Untied.com (which is not United.com, but a website maintained by critics of the airline) has come across an internal document instructing crew members to tell passengers, who complain on an individual basis, that they should ask for a refund if their wireless service is not able to connect.

The document reads:

If an extended outage occurs in flight, advise any customer who brings this to your attention to request a refund for their purchase through United.com/refunds. Do not make an announcement.

This simply means that if there’s a plane-wide outage then you’d never know and wonder if it’s your computer or tablet that is acting weird.

In explaining this to LA Times, United didn’t think they are cheating the passengers, because not everyone on a plane has purchased wi-fi so why make a planewide announcement? Which makes sense because you can still go to the carrier’s website to request a refund.

So make sure you always ask for a refund, or at least let your co-passenger know about it.

AirHelp will help claim your airline compensation

March 7, 2014

5821898Laws in U.S. and Europe allows you to claim money from airlines in case if your flight is canceled or delayed, or when you’re bumped. The airlines will offer vouchers or free drinks on the next flight, but make sure to claim your real money although making them pay up is the hardest part. This is where AirHelp will help.

Similar to Refund.me we mentioned last year that works for European airlines, AirHelp works on behalf of travelers and launched this week in the United States after running in Europe for some time now. Just fill out the five-question survey on their website to see if you are eligible for actual compensation.

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Travel photo: The Treasury at Petra, Jordan

March 4, 2014


Pre-clear U.S. immigration at Abu Dhabi for Etihad flights

February 27, 2014

Etihad Airways announced that all passengers bound for United States from Abu Dhabi airport on most Etihad flights will be able to pre-clear US CBP (Customs and Border Protection) immigration procedures at the Terminal 3 in Abu Dhabi Airport.

The Terminal 3 is a purpose-built facility that allows U.S. bound passengers to undertake all immigration, customs and agriculture inspections in Abu Dhabi prior to departure.


Some European and Canadian airports have similar facilities, which makes it easy for passengers to avoid long immigration & customs lines at U.S. airports. Having cleared CBP, guests can check-through their baggage to their final destination in the United States as domestic arrivals.

Unlike U.S. airports where customers have to collect their bags at the point of arrival, go through (immigration and) customs and re-check their bags for connecting flights, passengers at Abu Dhabi airport should not collect their bags. The immigration officer will be able to scan the passenger’s bags on their screens when they are at the counter for immigration. This means that the flight from Abu Dhabi to U.S. will be considered ‘domestic U.S.’ flight.

Etihad Airways currently operates flights to three destinations in the U.S. – New York (EY101 only), Chicago (EY151) and Washington (EY131). Guests flying to above destinations in the U.S. will use the CBP facility at Abu Dhabi Airport. more then 20 destinations in the U.S.

Please note: This service is not available for the Etihad Airways flight number EY103 to New York (JFK).

6 most wild and thrilling activities in Dubai

February 25, 2014

camelWe all had heard about Dubai much but very few of us experienced this charming city. Dubai is recently developed city of adventures and thrills that knows better how to catch tourists in large number. The rich Arabian city provide several opportunities of desert thrills, water excitements, air actions and a peaceful invade in its markets and restaurants.

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