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Pocket Travel – iOS app review

May 30, 2014

Pocket Travel iOS appLink: iTunes
Cost: $0.99

Bang for buck:
Ease of use:
The looks:

There are a lot of currency converter apps in the iOS world that gives basic conversion of selected currencies. But Pocket Travel takes this to a new level, that not only converts currencies, but also adds tips (in case of restaurants or services) or discounts (in case of shopping) to the calculations.

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Best way to travel you ask?

May 29, 2014

Reposted from Guru Prasad’s original post


Best way to travel you ask? The oldest means of locomotion, also the most organic & natural way, is limbs down the most superior method. That is assuming that you are not just looking to go from point A to point B, but also interested in watching & imbibing everything in between.

To me personally walking is more than that. It is a form of non-still meditation. In a steady state it can even soothe frayed nerves & calm tormented psyches. But the benefits extend to other spheres too. I can’t think of a better way to build up an appetite than a slightly strenuous yet not punishing amble. Doing the same in a contrived room-size fishtank is not what I am talking about.

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How much exactly does it cost to fly?

May 29, 2014


Governments across the world have proposed laws for airlines to disclose all the fees at the time of purchase of tickets. But there are other airline fees for amenities such as luggage, snacks, and WiFi, that are not included in the ticket price. And adding them can significantly increase the true cost of flying.

Because these costs vary between airlines, the choice of amenities often change which airline is cheapest. Hopper took a look at how different airlines stack up once amenity fees are added in.

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Breakaway to Bermuda

May 29, 2014

Summer is here, and people are planning their vacations for the next three to four months. Don’t settle on those quick weekend trips that end up causing even more stress. Why not travel to a far off land for an entire week filled with relaxation and fun? Locations that offer cool water and beaches are near the top of everyone’s destination and get-a-way lists, whether these locations are at the family’s rustic cottage next to a mountain lake, or a time-share condo with a view of a coastal beach.


For a more exotic vacation, though, book a summer cruise to one of Bermuda’s 138 tropical islands. The stunning pink sandy beaches and turquoise waters surrounding these islands have attracted travelers worldwide including Hollywood movie stars, US Presidents, and tourists alike. All in search for an escape from their hectic and demanding day to day schedules.

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GeniusFlight lists destinations based on your budget

May 29, 2014

geniusflight1When you are about to book a flight, you head over to a travel booking site and they will ask you for your destination before showing you the airfare. In contrast to that, GeniusFlight puts the budget first in your travel search, and suggests international destinations based on how much you are willing to spend on plane tickets.

All you have to do is set a budget, choose your departure and arrival dates, and enter the place you will be leaving from. The price is per person and includes taxes, so there won’t be hidden costs later. Make sure to select your currency before you start.

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Travel photo: Monastery of El Escorial, Spain

May 28, 2014




Earn miles when this airline flies over you

May 28, 2014

catchaplaneHow does an airline promote the free 5 million miles they have released to grab? By making users download their free iOS app. So here’s what Russian airline S7 came up with – a fantastic way to promote use of its apps and give users points redeemable through its loyalty program.

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Now you cannot share photos on Facebook from this country

May 28, 2014

Facebook-BlockedAfter months of turmoil in Thailand, the army announced martial law last week and then limited a curfew for 3 hours only. Now they have blocked Facebook in the country so you cannot post your exotic pictures on the social media.

The Tech and Telecoms ministry says confirmed this Facebook block to Reuters. Facebook was taken off, but some tourists reported on Twitter that the social network was back online. Although the military junta seems to be working towards blocking it again.

Anyone wanting to log into blocked networks like Facebook may consider a network like myexpatnet to go around local IP’s when connecting to the internet.


thailand_politics_sl104What a traveler needs to do for Thailand’s martial law
At 3 a.m. local time on May 20, 2014, the Thai army imposed martial law across all of Thailand. So what does this means for a traveler in Thailand? Find out.


Airbnb teams with locals to offer free accommodation in Southeast Europe affected by floods

May 22, 2014

Airbnb has enabled the “Disaster Response Tool” for the areas in Eastern Europe where hundreds of locals and tourists have been displaced by the massive floods. Covering Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia, Airbnb works with local hosts to try and offer their homes for free accommodation for those who have been impacted.

Hosts who are willing to offer their homes up for free of charge will have their associated Airbnb fees, announced the company. The program will run until at least June 3rd.

For now about 48 locations are being offered up through the program, most of them in Belgrade. Click here to find more details and how you can sign up as a host or guest.


Calculate tip with splitting between friends with Gratuity iOS app

May 22, 2014

Gratuity iPhone AppLink: iTunes
Cost: Free

Bang for buck: It’s free!
Ease of use:
The looks:

A simple, easy-to-use app to figure out how much to tip on a bill, especially when you need to split the bill with more than one other person.

Just enter the amount on the check, select from six venues – dining, bar, delivery, taxi, salon, and casino and the happiness factor and Gratuity will calculate the amounts for you and others in your team. You can change how much or how little you want to tip.

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Star Alliance introduces new RTW fare levels

May 22, 2014

Star_AllianceStar Alliance has introduced four additional Round the World (RTW) fare levels which passengers can now choose from a total of 14 RTW fares; three for travel in First Class, four for travel in Business Class and seven for travel in Economy Class.

The most significant change is that for Economy Class the applicable fare is now determined through a combination of total number of stops and total mileage used. The best price option is the one which allows customers to travel for a maximum of 26,000 miles and make anywhere between three and five stops.

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Game of Thrones filming locations you should visit this summer!

May 20, 2014

Game of Thrones is one of the greatest sensations sweeping through the entertainment industry today. The adventure, myth, magic and intrigue which it offers has had ardent fans hooked from Season One. Now in the fourth season, it seems like the fun is just getting started. However, it is possible to take the fun, adventure and excitement to a whole new level.


Just pause for a moment and imagine: What if you could stroll along the beaches of the mythical Slaver’s Bay, walk along the cobbled streets of King’s Landing, or gaze on the grasslands crossed by the Dotharki Horde? How would it feel? Amazing, right? Well, you can have these and even more fascinating GoT experiences this summer. All you have to do is visit any of the following filming locations.

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What a traveler needs to do for Thailand’s martial law

May 19, 2014

thailand_politics_sl104At 3 a.m. local time on May 20, 2014, the Thai army imposed martial law across all of Thailand saying that the intent is restore law and order after a six-month long political crisis which has claimed 28 lives.

So what does this means for a traveler in Thailand? Mainly it’s holidays as usual, but the first thing you must do is stay away from protest areas and keep their eye on developments happening in the city or country.

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Travel deals: Chargers for smartphones for $10 & $15

May 19, 2014

iEnjoy MyBolt Portable USB Flash Charger – $9.99
s0812823_sc7With a lightweight and compact tube, MyBolt Power Bank charger has 2600mAh of power for direct transfer to your USB or Micro-USB rechargeable devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, BlackBerry, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, e-readers, digital cameras, and other devices.


  • USB output and Micro-USB input
  • High capacity: 2600mAh each
  • Includes USB-to-Micro-USB cable for connecting and charging the power banks
  • Available in Black, Pink, or Silver
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Cable for connecting charger to your smartphone or tablet not included

Link: iEnjoy MyBolt Portable USB Flash Charger –

Breett 10000mAh Power Bank Dual-Port USB Charger – $14.99
battery_chargerThis high capacity 10000mAh external mobile battery charger features a high performance Grand-A cell which ensures along term use. The equipped with two USB ports allow you to charge two digital devices at the same time. It will effectively help to solve the low power problem for your iPhone, Samsung, tablet PCs and other digital devices. It is a must-have item when travel out. Available for 7 days only


  • Color: White
  • Powerful 10000mAh external mobile battery charger fits for most digital devices
  • High-speed 2.1A & 1.0A USB ports to charge two devices at once

Link: Breett 10000mAh Power Bank Dual-Port USB Charger 2.1A 1.0APortable External Battery Charger for Samsung, iPhone –

Deals from TheFlightDeal added

May 19, 2014

Excellent flight deals from TheFlightDeal are now added to our travel deals page.

Now, you can view the top ten deals from airlines, tour companies and packages from TravelZoo, FareCompare and TheFlightDeal, all on one page.

For example, there are some amazing deals on American Airlines flights from U.S. west coast to destinations in Central America like Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, etc.


Go get ’em, you traveler!

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