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Gay Travel



  • Countries to avoid if you’re gay
    June is considered as Gay Pride month in a lot of countries around the world where there is summer time. Gays and lesbians must pay close attention to the country they visit and avoid visiting places where strong discrimination against the LGBT community can spoil the trip or even expose them to considerable danger. Forget gay pride, just avoid visiting these countries if you’re homosexual…

  • Report homophobia using ‘Bashing’ app while traveling
    Started in Belgium, a website (and an app for iOS and Android) called Bashing is at the center of a grassroots movement to track, report, and mobilize action against gay bashing not just throughout the continent, but also in United States and other countries around the world.

  • LGBT tourism grows in India
    A wedding is being held on the grounds adjoining the Devi Garh Hotel in Udaipur, Rajasthan. A small group of onlookers watches in fascination as the couple circumambulates the sacred fire seven times, while a Hindu priest chants mantras. Why are they so intrigued?

    Because both those marrying are clad in smart sherwanis. Both happen to be men. The wedding is an instance of the growing phenomenon of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) tourism as a niche category in India. Both men were well aware that India is still a long way off from recognizing gay marriages.

  • U.S. Customs will consider same-sex couples as families according to a new rule
    The Obama administration proposed on Tuesday to recognize same-sex couples as families on customs forms, a small but significant step, supporters said, toward equal recognition by the federal government.
    The proposed rule change, which was posted to the Federal Register website, would expand the definition of a family for the purpose of customs forms for entering the United States. Under the current rule, same-sex partners must file separate forms rather than entering as a family, even if they are legally married.

  • Celebrate Gay Pride at HostelBookers top gay-friendly hostels
  • Australian passport to get three gender options
  • Hamams (Turkish Baths) of Istanbul
  • Expedia welcomes LGBT travelers by opening Gay Store
  • Welcoming gay travelers to Seattle

Gay Travel Guides

This section is an information guide – clubs, bars, places to visit, festivals, etc. to cities around the world for gay & lesbian travelers (listed alphabetically country-wise):

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