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« Jordan Itinerary

Day 7 – Madaba, Mount Nebo, Dead Sea

  Day 6
Wadi Rum to Amman, via Aqaba
Traveling from Wadi Rum to Amman via Aqaba.
Day 7
Madaba, Mount Nebo & Dead Sea
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« Ten days in Jordan

  Day 8
Ancient city of Roman ruins.


Greek Orthodox Church Ticket

Greek Orthodox Church Ticket

We had booked a day trip with our hotel, who had hired a private 7-seater van for two of us! Our driver, Salim, was right on time at 9am at the hotel and we were on our way to the first stop – Madaba. It’s a 45 minute ride from Amman city center to Madaba, and at our first pit-stop – The Greek Orthodox Church, officially called St. Georges Mosaic Map Church (entrance JOD 1). The Madaba Mosaic Map is an index map of the region, dating from the 6th century, preserved in the floor of the Greek Orthodox Basilica of Saint George. With two million pieces of colored stone, the map depicts hills and valleys, villages and towns in Palestine and the Nile Delta.



Temperatures indicated at Dead Sea

Temperatures indicated at Dead Sea

After a quick tour of about 15 minutes at Mount Nebo, we were at the Amman Beach Tourism Board office which is one of the very few official places to dive in the Dead Sea. One of the best experiences you will ever have in your life is floating in the Dead Sea. It was hot outside with temperatures over 30C (85F), but the sand felt like burning coal. There are changing rooms and showers at the center, but make sure to carry flip-flops because the walk from the showers to the sea will burn your feet. The first touch of the Dead Sea is slimy. Floated for about 20 minutes and headed out to apply the mud. Fifteen minutes under the sun and back in the water to rinse off the mud.

Dead Sea Ticket Dead Sea Ticket[/caption]Headed to the showers at the beach-side to wash off the salty water and had a swim at one of the two huge pools at the center, ending the trip to Dead Sea with some coffee.

It takes about 45 minutes to reach Amman city center; and after another shower at the hotel, we headed out to grab a bite at Cairo restaurant, just a few blocks from the hotel. The minced meat sandwich in pita bread and lamb & rice are definitely worth the meal.

We had the rest of the day to kill and headed to the lively, hip neighborhood of Rainbow street with cafes lined up on either side; and to Books@Cafe for some hookah and drinks. It’s a hike up the street (and some stairs to climb) from the city center to Al-Rainbow street. The cafe is perched up on a hill-top with amazing views of Amman.

After sunset, we headed back to hotel and decided to stop at a square after noticing some local musicians about to perform. They were waiting for a policeman to finish his evening prayers (Namaz), before starting to play. About 6 of them were playing flute, guitars and Arabic drums. That was the cherry-on-the-top of an amazing day!

Street music in Amman, Jordan

Street musicians performing at Rainbow Street in Amman, Jordan. May 2012



Note: All values in USD, unless otherwise mentioned, are approximate and based on the exchange rate of USD 1 = JOD 0.75. Each cost is for one adult.

What Cost Notes
Taxi to Dead Sea, Madaba & Mt. Nebo JOD 40 or $56.45 For 2 persons
Greek Orthodox Church Entrance Fee JOD 1 or $1.40 For 1 person
Mount Nebo Entrance Fee JOD 1 or $1.40 For 1 person
Dead Sea Entrance Fee JOD 16 or $22.60 For 1 person
Lunch at Cairo Restaurant JOD 11.70 or $16.50 For 2 persons
Mud at Dead Sea JOD 3 or $4.20 For 1 person
Mosaic Art at Jordan Jewel JOD 60 or $84.70 For 1 person
Coffee & Hookah at Books@Cafe JOD 18 or $25.40 For 2 persons
Total Costs $163.45 Per person
Overall Costs $2,504.05 Per person


  Day 6
Wadi Rum to Amman, via Aqaba
Traveling from Wadi Rum to Amman via Aqaba.
Day 7
Madaba, Mount Nebo & Dead Sea
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« Ten days in Jordan

  Day 8
Ancient city of Roman ruins.



Itinerary & Planning
Tips, info & planning.

Day 1 [A]
Crossing border from Israel & day in the coastal town.

Day 2 [A]
Diving in Red Sea & day in coastal town.

Day 3 [B]
Aqaba, Petra (Wadi Musa)
Traveling from Aqaba to Wadi Musa & day there.

Day 4 [B]
Visiting capital city of Nabataeans.

Day 5 [C]
Wadi Musa to Wadi Rum
Visiting Bedouin village & Wadi Rum desert.

Day 6 [C]
Wadi Rum to Amman, via Aqaba
Traveling from Wadi Rum to Amman via Aqaba.

Day 7 [F, G, H]
Madaba, Mount Nebo and Dead Sea
Mosaics, religious site & lowest point on earth.

Day 8 [E]
Ancient city of Roman ruins.

Day 9 [D]
Visiting the capital city.

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