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Qwiki – iOS app review

Qwiki iPhone App


Published: February 17, 2013
Link: iTunes
Cost: Free

Bang for buck: Free!
Ease of use:
The looks:

You’re on a vacation and have taken some beautiful shots from your iOS camera, so instead of posting all the pictures on social media sites, how about creating a slideshow of them and post it as a video? Qwiki does just that.

The app allows you to select 25 pictures from your device camera and creates a random video out of it. It also selects a random song from the music library and applies to the video, although you have the option to pick another song. You can apply some Instagram-like filters to the video as well. Depending on the file size of the pictures, the app takes about 5 minutes to create video and then another 5-7 minutes to upload it to their server.

Although this is a great app for creating video memories of destinations or events that you have ‘saved’ in your phone, some of the things that may irk you, based on your first impressions are:
1. Twenty five pictures for a video seems less, which makes that a 30-second video. Why not add more pictures?
2. I don’t want any music with my video. How do I do that?
3. Why don’t I see the pictures in HDR format in the video? Or video in HD format?
4. And every time you create a ‘Qwiki’, you receive an email congratulating you, which doesn’t have a link to opt-out. Really?!

Here’s a sample video that we created

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