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Healix Travel Vaccination – iOS app review

Healix Travel Vaccinations

Healix Travel Vaccinations

Published: October 3, 2011
Link: iTunes
Cost: Free

Healix, a UK medical services provider, collected the data on 196 countries for this app and helps you know which vaccinations you need for your trip or holiday. Select one or more countries and the app will guide you through this process and will give you the answers.

Basically, they ask two questions after selecting a country and based on your answers, it will list all the vaccinations and immunizations required as travel advice for each country.

Error: We tested the app by selecting one country at a time and then went back and selected 2 to 3 countries and the app just failed to move ahead from the questionnaire. The “Continue” or “Finish” button won’t work. But giving the app a benefit of doubt, we removed it from the running apps, re-launched the app and still the problem persists. Hope the developers will resolve this soon.


Select countries

Select countries

Select as many countries as you want from a list of 196 countries.
Answer questions - Healix app

Answer questions - Healix app

Answer the questions and click ‘Finish’. In case of multiple country selection, you will have to answer the questions for each country.
Results - Healix

Results - Healix

The app will display results for each country. Click on the Advice tab to see detailed, basic information about each vaccination.
History - Healix app

History - Healix app

Every result is added to the history for later viewing. You can delete from the history at any time.

Email your vaccination results:
Once you have worked out which vaccinations you think you need, then e-mail yourself, or family/friends using the built in tool. This will then also give you a detailled summary of your requirements on your desktop or laptop.

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