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Fodor’s Travel Phrases – iOS app review

Fodor's Travel Phrases iPhone App

Fodor's Travel Phrases

Published: February 14, 2013
Link: iTunes
Cost: Free, starting $1.99 for full language guide

Bang for buck: Free!
Bang for buck (for language app):
Ease of use:
The looks:

The leader in travel guides and tip – Fodor’s – have come out with the app that lists all the phrases you will need in your travels. The basic app is free and comes with a starter pack that has about 15 translations in all the 22 languages supported by the app at the time of writing. From a simple hello and good bye to questions like ‘what is your name?’ or ‘how are you?’, this app is great if you want to learn the bare-minimum phrases.

You can purchase the bundle of all the 22 languages for $15, or purchase each language pack for $2 that comes with 400 phrases. It did come as a surprise to us that they have included ‘very well’ and ‘so so’ (answers to ‘how are you?’), and also ‘see you later’ and ‘see you soon’ (in response to a good-bye), but not the second most important (after ‘hello’) phrase ‘thank you’ in the starter pack!

The full language pack comes with everything you need to know – numbers, basic expressions, at the hotel or airport or restaurant, time, money, shopping, etc. It’s absolutely worth purchasing the language pack because it not just shows you what to speak, but also has voice interpretation for exact pronunciation.

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Fodor's Travel Phrases

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