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Travel tip: Relieve lower back pain for air travel with these tips

Avoid sore, achy backs and improve your flexibility posture with these exercises and relive lower back pain while traveling.
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Sydney Harbour: Activities that can make your Weekend exceptional

Helen provides some tips on spending a great weekend at the Sydney Harbour in Australia. #Sydney #Australia #TravelTips

10 myths about traveling to Cuba

Of everything you’ve heard about Cuba, here are ten of the myth-busters ranging from currency, internet, cigars to all the changes in the country.
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5 Ultimate ways to save your money on a trip

Jessica has some great ideas on saving money while you’re on that next travel destination – food, transport & flights. #Food #Flights #TravelTips #BudgetTravel

The Ultimate Packing List

Packing your bags for that exotic trip is not an easy task. Especially when you have to remember all the essentials and things-not-to-carry. So to make your life simpler, here’s a list of some things one should remember to carry.
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How to Sleep Well in Unfamiliar Places

A poor night’s sleep is an all too common issue for many when they stay in an unfamiliar place, and there’s science behind this. Learn more on tip & tricks that help to beat this.
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Tips for Travelers with Disabilities

Stephanie Bates provides tips for travelers with disabilities, especially when it comes to adapting tourist attractions and destinations for people with disabilities.
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How a walking holiday can change your life

Rebecca has tips on why walking holidays can change your travels by meeting people, learning history and other tips.
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Cheap ways to travel across the world while studying

Devise your smart approach with these tips and you’ll save up more than you spend while (a)broadening your horizons!
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Travel tip: Turn smartphone into an in-flight using Ziploc bag

A brilliant travel tip to turn your smartphone into an in-flight entertainment by using a Ziploc bag! #TravelTips #Flights

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