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Croatia – Nine Days Itinerary

Where: Zagreb, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik
How: Airlines, Bus
When: May 2011
Who: Two backpackers


We made a list of all the destinations we wanted to cover in one week and how much each leg will cost in terms of USD (payments are accepted in EUR or HRK). This included airline tickets, bus, ferry, taxi and car rental.

There was some minimal research involved in booking hotels. Across Croatia, one can find a Soba from any port of entries – ferry terminals, bus stations or train stations – though it is not easy to find one at the airports. These are apartments or rooms that someone will rent out for anything between €50-€100 a night. You can just walk up to any of these and will be hoarded by the old women selling the single rooms in their homes. You can also knock on the doors of houses with sobe or zimmer (rooms available) signs. Make sure they are authentic and government authorized.

Note on Sobe
If you decide to go with proprietors at the bus or ferry station, try and ask the location or you could get stuck way out of town. Clarify whether the price is per person or per room. Figure out the exact number of days you plan to stay and when in the day you plan to check out so you don’t get stuck with a surcharge. If you land in a room or apartment without a blue sobe or apartmani sign outside, the proprietor is renting to you illegally! They will probably be reluctant to provide their full name or phone number and you’ll have absolutely no recourse in case of a problem.

We chose to stay at some of the finest and recommended apartments and had to be booked in advance (which is also recommended since they get booked for the Spring and Summer season), mainly because it is mandatory to have confirmed hotel booking for Croatian visa.

Although U.S. and E.U. citizens do not require a visa to travel to Croatia for 90-days, being non-U.S. or non-E.U. citizens, we required a visa to Croatia. So getting all the documents together was a task. Visa fees are $47 + $20 shipping (Check the Croatian Consulate website if you need a visa to travel to Croatia or not). It takes about 2-3 weeks for the visa to be issued.

If you are driving from North Dalmatia to Dubrovnik, you will passing through 30 miles of Bosnian region and you do not require a visa to drive through.


Croatia 8-day trip

Croatia 8-day trip

A – Zagreb
B – Zadar
C – Split
D – Hvar
E – Dubrovnik


  • Prices or rates are indicative in USD but can be different depending on the exchange rates. The corresponding and actual rates in either EUR or HRK are mentioned in the Notes column.
  • Prices or rates for car rental, food & drinks and taxi fare are estimated numbers. Actuals may vary.
  • Estimates for transportation will be added as and when available.
  • All prices are per person, except for apartments which are for two persons, per night.
  • Check out the Local Ferry Guide from Croatia Traveller

For actual costs, see our individual posts on various destinations in Croatia. Follow the links at the top of the page.

Day Where What Est. Cost Notes
1 Zagreb U.S. to Zagreb $1,260
ORD/ZAG & DBV/ORD via Lufthansa. Booked via Dada Tours
Hotel: €75 per night + €20 airport pickup.
2 Zagreb Old Town, Walking Tour $11
Zagreb Card (60kn for 24 hrs)
Croatian Museum of Naïve Art (10kn)
Meals, etc.
3 Zagreb – Zadar Alamo Car Rental Bus $21
€80 incl. insurance HRK 106
Meals, etc.
4 Zadar $170
Apartment: €60 per night
Meals, etc.
5 Zadar – Split $20
Meals, etc.
6 Split $99
Apartment: €80 €68 for 2 nights
Diocletian’s Palace (20kn)
Jupiter’s Temple (5kn)
Meštrović Gallery (30kn)
Meals, etc.
7 Split – Dubrovnik $25
Meals, etc.
8 Dubrovnik Walk around the Old Town walls $170
Hotel: €60 per night
Walk Old Town Walls (70kn)
Franciscan Monastery (25kn)
Rector’s Palace (35kn)
Meals, etc.
9 Dubrovnik $7
35kn for bus to Airport
Meals, etc.



Hotels or apartments can be booked either online (if available) or by simply sending them an email and they will send a link to a website where you can make payments. Recently, PayPal opened their system to accept Croatian Kuna, so this may definitely be easier and safer for travelers and owners to book in advance. Some hotels or apartments will hold a booking in your name and you have to pay upon arrival. Check with them for the best way of booking – on arrival or in advance.

inZagreb Apartment ‘City’
Price: €75 per night + €20 airport pickup
Address: Remetinečka 13, 10000 Zagreb
Tel/Fax: + 385 (0)1 6523 201, + 385 (0)91 6523 201

Room P1, House of Sandra
Price: €68 for 2 nights for a room
Address: Nincevica 11, Split
Tel: +385 99 685 2199

Siena II Apartment via Dubrovnik Apartments Source
Price: €120 for two nights
Tel: +353 86 167 1222 | +353 86 024 1834
Fax: +1 334 460 6571


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