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Posts from the ‘WiFi’ Category

  • October 20, 2015
    Wiffinity offers connectivity on public places without knowing password

    Link: iTunes Cost: Free Bang for buck: It’s free! Ease of use: The looks: Usefulness: Wiffinity is a brand new app that lists the WiFi credentials of public networks in the areas you’re visiting. Still not one hundred percent accurate, the app will default to mainland Europe as your “near me” settings displayed on the […]

  • June 9, 2015
    Top ten airports with fastest WiFi

    If you have long layovers or delays then you have a lot of time to kill while waiting for the flights in airports. This is when public WiFi service could save the day, if it is fast, good quality, and, of course, secure. So which airport is WiFi user friendly? Rotten Wifi users have tested […]

  • May 6, 2015
    Dubai offers free wi-fi and charging station to beachgoers

    Travelers to Dubai has a treat in-store for them – Palm tree-shaped WiFi and charging stations are being installed at the city’s beaches. Dubbed as “Smart Palms”, the stations are made in the United Arab Emirates, and stand six meters tall, while emitting WiFi signals covering a radius of 53 meters. Smart Palms also offer […]

  • March 12, 2014
    Ask for a refund on non-working wi-fi on United flight

    If you are one of many passengers who have experienced outage on wireless services on a United Airlines flight, then you’re in for some dough! The people at (which is not, but a website maintained by critics of the airline) has come across an internal document instructing crew members to tell passengers, who […]

  • November 21, 2013
    Southwest is first to offer gate-to-gate wi-fi

    The FAA had recently lifted the prohibition on using certain electronic devices during take-off and landing; and Southwest Airlines is the first airline to offer gate-to-gate wi-fi connectivity. In addition to already allowing use of gadgets themselves, Southwest uses a satellite technology that differs from the air-to-ground technology used by Gogo, which powers the inflight […]

  • July 16, 2013
    Wi-Fi on airlines – who offers, for how much

    A lot of airlines worldwide come with Wi-Fi access nowadays on either their entire fleet or certain planes or routes. There are apps and websites tell you if that flight offers Wi-Fi on that route or the airplane during your booking process. Earlier this year, we told you that United Airlines started offering wi-fi on […]

  • May 14, 2013
    Gogo has license to offer wifi on transatlantic flights

    In-flight internet connectivity company, Gogo announced that “FCC has granted the company a blanket license to operate up to 1,000 Ku-band Satellite aircraft for international and domestic service”, which simply means they will offer wifi service on transatlantic flights. The company has not yet announced what airlines will offer the service and when; and how […]

  • June 26, 2012
    Transoceanic WiFi is coming soon

    We all need some down time from the electronics we use in our daily lives – be it e-readers or iPads, iPhones, etc. It’s good to be offline once in a while and just relax, but flying in cramped airlines on a transoceanic flight is not the best way to take that breather. So most […]

  • June 25, 2012
    London Tube gets upgraded with free wifi for Olympic games

    The first London Tube stations that will be WiFi enabled for free this summer was announced by London Underground and Virgin Media. Oxford Circus, Stratford, Liverpool Street, Leicester Square and King’s Cross will be among the first to launch, with around 80 stations WiFi enabled by the end of July. With the Olympic games starting […]

  • February 1, 2012
    CheapAir updates results to show flights with wi-fi, live TV, etc.

    More airlines these days are offering less services in terms of entertainment. Or they simply charge you for that live TV or Wi-Fi. And then there are some of those that don’t provide Wi-Fi (really? It’s 2012!!) or live TV. California-based online travel agency CheapAir began placing icons next to flight choices to document which […]

  • January 25, 2012
    Turkish Airlines to have wi-fi across fleet

    Turkish Airlines will introduce wireless internet access to their wide-body fleet, starting with a B777, following their ground-breaking introduction in November last year of live TV on board of flights across the Atlantic. The Internet service will first be available on transatlantic flights, too, before being expanded to the rest of the network. The initial […]

  • December 19, 2011
    Skype offers free wifi on selected US airports

    We are a huge fan of Skype for making all those free calls (to US over Wifi) while traveling. So this holiday season, Skype is offering free wireless internet in more than 60 airports through Skype Wi-Fi in United States. The deal runs from December 21st through December 27th and will allow you to connect […]

  • December 12, 2011
    Tips on sleeping at the airports

    Airline connections are good to take a break from the pressurized cabins and stretch your body, especially on long international flights. But sometimes they are a bummer if you have a long time between flights. And the worst when you have to stay overnight at the airport and you are not booked in a hotel. […]

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