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  • October 23, 2016
    Meeting the stamp-collector immigration officer

    We have all seen images of those unusual or rare stamps in passports that will make our friends jealous. Although most of them are stamped by immigration officers on our exotic travels, and some of them are visa stamps that could be different, there are stamps from places like Machu Pichhu, Galapagos Islands or Antarctica […]

  • July 21, 2016
    Require a visa or not to your destination country? Passport Index will tell you

    Planning a trip can be daunting in terms of booking flights, hotels, local transportation and tours. Additionally, you need to worry about vaccinations and documentation like passport and visas. Not everyone need visas to your destination country. While some countries offer visa-free travel, some offer visa-on-arrival and then there are countries which mandate you to […]

  • February 26, 2016
    India to give visa-on-arrival to 180 nations (Updated)

    Update: February 26, 2016 Electronic tourist visas (e-TVs) will be extended to citizens of 37 more countries starting today, taking the total number to 150. The new additions are Albania, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Botswana, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Comoros, Cote d’Ivoire, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Eritrea, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Greece, Guinea, Iceland, Lesotho, Liberia, […]

  • November 16, 2015
    Tourist Visa application form & details for Swaziland

    If you are visiting the Kingdom of Swaziland, which borders Mozambique and South Africa, and if you are required to apply for a tourist visa, then there are limited resources online that give you information on how to apply, where to apply, visa fees, and application forms. After going through the government website or their […]

  • June 17, 2015
    U.S., E.U. citizens among 30 countries get VOA to Indonesia

    Indonesia is one of the most popular destination with Americans and Europeans, and now the Indonesian President announced that citizens of 30 countries can now obtain free-of-charge visas on arrival in Indonesia that will be valid for a 30-day stay in the country. The following 30 countries are now eligible for visa-free status: Austria, Bahrain, […]

  • March 17, 2015
    No more visa-on-arrival for anyone to Egypt

    Starting May 15, 2015, every international tourist must obtain a visa prior to visiting Egypt, as announced by Egypt’s ministry of foreign affairs. Currently, citizens of a lot of countries got their tourist visas on arrival at an airport, but after May 15, everyone must obtain visas before entering Egypt. Although rules for tour groups […]

  • December 16, 2014
    Visas & passports – a rogue guide

    Reposted from Guru’s original post Given the number of questions about visas and requests for detailed notes I have had over the last few years of my travels, I should have written this note ages ago. My observations here stem from my own personal experience, ranging from the delightful to the tortuous, at embassies & […]

  • November 3, 2014
    ESTA updated for additional information for U.S. Visa Waiver Program

    The Secretary of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced enhancements to the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) required to be filled by citizens of countries applicable for United States’ Visa Waiver Program. This simply means that if you belong to a country that does not require you to get a visa to visit U.S. […]

  • August 12, 2014
    Myanmar to issue e-visa for tourists starting Sept 1

    Tourists visiting Myanmar (Burma) will be able to apply for e-visas starting September 1, 2014. The tourist e-visas will cost US$50, though the fee may change; and must be applied at the Ministry of Immigration & Population website. Currently, the application process is online in a beta phase, but will be fully available starting September […]

  • June 18, 2014
    South Africans will require a visa to travel to Kenya

    The Kenyan High Commission has announced that citizens of South Africa visiting Kenya will need a visa starting July 1, 2014. Ordinary visa applicants traveling to or transiting through Kenya will be required to pay a service charge of SAR 750 ($70). All applicants will be required to produce the following documents: 1. Return Air […]

  • April 24, 2014
    Increase in tourist visa fees for Egypt

    Egypt will increase tourist visa fees from $15 to $20 starting on May 1, 2014. According to Hesham Zazou, tourism minister, the increase is slight and is not expected to affect the flow of tourists to the country. The decision to increase the cost of a tourist visa to Egypt was previously postponed several times. […]

  • March 31, 2014
    Russian citizens no longer require visa to Costa Rica

    Currently, Russian citizens are required to apply for a visa to Costa Rica only at the Costa Rican Consulate in Moscow, which for residents in other parts of that country meant long traveling distances. Starting today, Costa Rica eliminated the visa requirement for citizens of the Russian Federation as a measure to increase tourism and […]

  • February 27, 2014
    Pre-clear U.S. immigration at Abu Dhabi for Etihad flights

    Etihad Airways announced that all passengers bound for United States from Abu Dhabi airport on most Etihad flights will be able to pre-clear US CBP (Customs and Border Protection) immigration procedures at the Terminal 3 in Abu Dhabi Airport. The Terminal 3 is a purpose-built facility that allows U.S. bound passengers to undertake all immigration, […]

  • August 15, 2013
    Visa-on-arrival to India for 43 countries (Updated)

    Update: November 26, 2014 Tourists traveling to India from 43 countries will now be able to apply online and receive the approval within four working days, before getting their visa at an airport on arrival. Britain, India’s former colonial master, is not included on the new list. Under the scheme, tourists will be able to […]

  • May 14, 2013
    U.K. launches ‘super priority’ same-day visa for Indian citizens

    Britain on Tuesday rolled out the same-day visa for Indians, making it the first country to get a visa to visit UK within 24 hours. However, it comes with a fat price – it will cost £600 (nearly Rs 50,000) in addition to the price of the visa. Those in Delhi and Mumbai will be […]

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