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  • March 17, 2011
    TuGo Luggage Cup & Bottle Holders

    It can be difficult to make your way through an airport with a rolling suitcase, a bag and a cup of coffee. With the Tugo this task will be darn simple! This little rubber item straddles the pull poles of your rolling bag and provides a secure holder there for your coffee cup or travel […]

  • March 17, 2011
    PayPal accepts payments from Croatia

    Croatia Travel Blog reports that PayPal has decided to let Croatians into the system. What that means is that Croatians can now receive money via PayPal as well as use PayPal for online purchases which they have been able to do for years. From Croatia Travel Blog: This change has a potentially large impact both […]

  • March 15, 2011
    Another round of airline fee hike by Jetblue & American

    Jetblue Increased the 2nd checked bag fee by $5 to $35. Increased the fee for their “Even More Legroom” seats by $5. American Airlines Increased the fee for making a reservation by phone to $25 from $20. Giving increasing fuel costs as a reason, most airlines are looking for ways to increase revenue without increasing […]

  • March 11, 2011
    Travel advice for Japan after the quake & tsunami

    The U.S. government is asking Americans who have travel plans to Japan to reconsider for now, while travelers already in the region are scrambling to figure out what to do next. The U.S. Department of State has issued a travel alert strongly urging U.S. citizens to avoid tourism and nonessential travel to the country for […]

  • March 8, 2011
    Spirit Airlines’ $9 fare between Los Angeles & Las Vegas

    Spirit Airlines announces services between Los Angeles and Las Vegas from $9 each way ($39 roundtrip, including taxes). Spirit Airlines launched this sale to celebrate its new nonstop service between the two cities. The fare is available for Tuesday and Wednesday departures from May 10 – June 15. These rates also can be combined with […]

  • March 6, 2011
    London 2012 Tickets to be available from March 15

    Updated: March 15, 2011 How do I apply for London 2012 Olympic tickets? [CNN] Visa glitch hits race for London 2012 Olympics tickets [CNN] March 6, 2011 The London 2012 Olympic Games is right around the corner and more information on tickets is available now. Applications for the nearly 8.8 million available tickets will be […]

  • March 3, 2011
    How punctual is your airline? Wolfram Alpha will tell you

    Ever wondered how many flights were cancelled or delayed by your favorite or not-so-favorite airline? What are the causes of those delays? Wolfram Alpha will determine these statistics for various airlines in U.S. Currently, only U.S.-based airlines are supported. All you have to do is type in the name of the airline in the search […]

  • February 24, 2011
    FAQs about European VAT

    Visiting a European country can be expensive, especially with the increase in VAT (Value Added Tax) across most of the European countries. UK, for example, raised the VAT from a 17.5% to an all-time high of 20%. There are ways travellers to these countries can get a refund on the VAT and these rules differ […]

  • February 24, 2011
    Squaremouth names top travel insurance providers for 2010

    Squaremouth names Travelex and Travel Insured International as top travel insurance providers for 2010, based on number of policies sold and premium volume sold. Travelex ranked first in number of policies sold, while Travel Insured ranked first in premium volume sold. Travel Insured experienced the most significant increase last year, largely resulting from policy changes […]

  • February 20, 2011
    What the f*ck is that Owl-shaped head in Dubrovnik, Croatia?

    Where: Old Town, Dubrovnik, Croatia As you start walking the Stradun (main road) after entering the Old Town of Dubrovnik through the Pile Gate, look carefully and you might spot a strange gargoyle head protruding from a stone wall. It’s on the left side, just next to the entrance to the Franciscan monastery and the […]

  • February 20, 2011
    Airline fees and how to avoid them

    We all hate paying way more than what we should be in fees – whether it’s booking fees or baggage fees or fees for using the toilets! We have compiled some of those fees and solutions on how to avoid them. Download the Ultimate Guide to Airline fees (PDF) Also check out a list of […]

  • February 11, 2011
    Check travel insurance policies for “civil unrest”

    With the ongoing uprising in Egypt, many travelers were surprised to find out their insurance policies don’t include civil unrest in the trip cancellation/interruption coverage. If you’re planning a trip to Egypt and haven’t yet bought travel insurance, the cancellation/interruption coverage no longer applies because the company now considers civil unrest a “foreseeable event.” But […]

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