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  • August 22, 2017
    Get accepted for Global Entry faster with this new program

    If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, along with citizen of about half a dozen other countries, who travel frequently to international destinations, then you must get Global Entry. For $100 (for five years), Global Entry allows you to skip immigration and customs lines and enter U.S. within seconds. It also comes with […]

  • October 23, 2016
    Meeting the stamp-collector immigration officer

    We have all seen images of those unusual or rare stamps in passports that will make our friends jealous. Although most of them are stamped by immigration officers on our exotic travels, and some of them are visa stamps that could be different, there are stamps from places like Machu Pichhu, Galapagos Islands or Antarctica […]

  • March 30, 2016
    Beginning June, Dubai airport (DXB) will impose airport tax

    One of the world’s busiest airport for international passengers, Dubai International (DXB), will be introducing a tax on travelers to help finance expansion, as Gulf governments grapple with plummeting revenues. The nation that does not have impose any income taxes will be charging a AED 35 (approx $9.50) fee applicable all passengers, either connecting, originating […]

  • October 21, 2015
    The world’s best airport, yet again, is…

    Skytrax has released the annual World Airport Awards report, and based on 13.02 million customer nominations from around the world, and 550 airports that were included in the survey ranking satisfaction in 39 different areas (including security wait times, TV and entertainment facilities, baggage delivery times, and how easy it to get through the terminals), […]

  • August 14, 2015
    Video: How does your bag go from check-in to airplane

    We have always wondered where our bags go once they have started their ‘journey’ from the check-in counter to the airline. So the baggage handlers at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport strapped a camera to a checked bag giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the roller coaster trip it goes through from the check-in station, through the […]

  • June 9, 2015
    Top ten airports with fastest WiFi

    If you have long layovers or delays then you have a lot of time to kill while waiting for the flights in airports. This is when public WiFi service could save the day, if it is fast, good quality, and, of course, secure. So which airport is WiFi user friendly? Rotten Wifi users have tested […]

  • March 12, 2015
    This interactive chart will give you the fastest airports (U.S. only)

    FiveThirtyEight analyzed over 6 million domestic flights in U.S. to come up with this interactive chart that defines which airline has delays out of what airport. It’s good to know about these delays as it will help you making decisions better in terms of planning flights and avoiding slow airports for connecting flights. Enter your […]

  • December 4, 2014
    Bangkok airport launches automated taxi kiosks

    Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport launched automatic queue-card kiosks aiming to improve travelers’ access to taxi services. Up until now, travelers have to approach the taxi counters for manual system where staff wrote down a passenger’s destination before handing it to a taxi driver. The ten new kiosks, found outside Gates 4 and 7 on the first […]

  • September 24, 2014
    Travelers to pay departure tax while exiting Tunisia

    After the revolution in 2011, many travelers think Tunisia is a dangerous country and avoid stepping there. But after visiting this marvelous country earlier this year, we realized that those are all rumors and Tunisia offers stunning landscapes from Chott El-Jerid and Sahara Desert; and Matmata is a must-visit place for die-hard Star Wars fans. […]

  • July 7, 2014
    Keep your devices on for security clearance at airports for U.S. flights

    Last week, we reported that the U.S. DHS is implementing additional security checks on some international airports with nonstop flights to the country, citing concerns that al Qaeda operatives in Syria and Yemen were developing bombs that could be smuggled onto planes. The U.S. aviation security has now announced of a new regulation last weekend […]

  • July 3, 2014
    U.S. to implement additional security procedures at certain airports

    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security would increase security at overseas airports with nonstop flights to the country, citing concerns that al Qaeda operatives in Syria and Yemen were developing bombs that could be smuggled onto planes. The new security measures would be required at airports in Europe, Africa and the Middle East that have […]

  • July 2, 2014
    In pictures: Aerial view of airports around the world

    These images are taken from Satellite (aerial) view on Google Maps of airports around the world. Atlanta Hatsfield (ATL)   Austin–Bergstrom International (AUS)   Barcelona-El Prat (BCN)   Boston Logan (BOS)   Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG)   Charleston International (CHS)   Cleveland Hopkins International (CLE)   Copenhagen Kastrup (CPH)   Ronald Reagan Washington National […]

  • June 3, 2014
    British Airways goofs-up in handling passengers needs

    Last year in October, Mr. Jay Shah narrated his ordeal in dealing with Air France and his experience with their Paris staff, and now Snigdha Jain outlines her experience in London where British Airways staff behaved rudely and perhaps racially in handling their tickets for a flight from London to Mumbai. Flying out of New […]

  • March 27, 2014
    The best airport of 2014 is…

    British aviation consultancy and review company, Skytrax, announced the most prestigious awards in the airport industry – World Airport Awards – that are independent and based on 12.85 million customer nominations across 110 nationalities of air travelers, and included 410 airports worldwide. The survey evaluates customer satisfaction across 39 key performance indicators for airport service […]

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