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Grenada (Days 11 & 12)

We landed at Grenada airport (GND) around 1pm after a ‘long’ flight from St. Vincent (SVD) via Port of Spain in Trinidad (POS). It was new years eve and after walking out of the airport we were lucky to find the last rental car available at Sixt. A lot of sights in Grenada are all over the island so it was best to rent a car and drive around.

Day 11 – Belmont Estate, Chocolate Factory, St. George’s

Since it was New Year’s Eve, most places were closing sooner than their usual time, and mostly everything would be closed the next day (it being Jan 1), so we headed north-east to Belmont Estate (Website).

A historic plantation from the 17th century, Belmont Estate serves as a popular tourist attraction in St. Patrick. You can tour the grounds (with a tour guide or independently) and see how a fully functional plantation operates. Cocoa is one of the main crop of Grenada and the grounds of Belmont are home to a cocoa processing facility (Chocolate Factory) along with a restaurant, museum, goat dairy farm and petting farm.

You can taste the chocolates and goat cheese for free, and buy some at some expensive rates!

[Belmont Estate, Grenada]

[Belmont Estate, Grenada]

[Belmont Estate, Grenada]

After spending about 2 hours at the Belmont Estate, we started to drive south-west to the capital city of St. George’s as the traffic was anticipated to increase ten-fold in the city because of new year’s celebrations.

[Banana plantations across Grenada]

We checked-in to our Airbnb and after a quick rest, we headed out to the waterfront for New Year’s parties!

[view of St. George’s harbor front from our Airbnb]

[St. George’s harbor front at night during New Year’s Eve]

Day 12 – Nutmeg Factory, Annandale Falls

Having scheduled to fly out of Grenada at 5pm, we had the whole morning to visit some other sights in Grenada.

Since it was January 1st, the whole city was closed and there was no one on the streets, except for some tourists from the cruise ship. We walked around the harbor front looking for some breakfast and were told to head to Grand Anse beach where the ‘Spice Market’ should be open.

[Colorful St. George’s, Grenada]

[Colorful St. George’s, Grenada]

[Colorful St. George’s, Grenada]

[Colorful St. George’s, Grenada]

[Spice Market at Grand Anse beach, Grenada]

After a quick breakfast, we headed to Annandale waterfalls – a short drive from the capital, Annandale Falls are enclosed in a garden of green and a wall of rocks covered in vegetation.

[Annandale waterfalls, Grenada]

Next up was a long drive up north to the Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Center. Located in the town of Gouvaye, this is one of the largest nutmeg processing factories on the island. Tours are available for USD 1.

[Gouvaye Nutmeg Processing Center]

[Gouvaye Nutmeg Processing Center]

[Gouvaye Nutmeg Processing Center]

[Gouvaye Nutmeg Processing Center]

An hour & half drive south along the western coast brought us to the airport, and after returning the rental car, it was time to say goodbye to the Caribbean island trip!



Note: All values in USD, unless otherwise mentioned, are approximate and based on the exchange rate at the time of publishing. Each cost is for one adult. The exchange rate at the time of publishing is assumed to be USD 1 = XCD 2.60.

What Cost Notes
Rental car $60 One day. Compact car from Sixt.
Drivers License $22 Single person, required in Grenada for rental cars.
Lunch $11.10 At ‘Belmont Estate’. Chicken, rice, beans, salad.
Annandale waterfalls $2 Entrance fees, per person.
Breakfast $11 At Grand Anse beach. Chicken rotis, salad.
Snacks $3.70 Popcorn, beer, chips.
Rental Car Gas $8.33 For one day. Full tank XCD 45.
Total Costs $118.13 Per person
Overall Costs $2,375.99 Per person



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