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Brazil – Sixteen Days Itinerary

Where: Salvador, Lençóis, Chapada Diamantina national park, Manaus, Amazon Rainforest, Rio de Janeiro, Paraty, São Paulo
Transport: Airlines, Bus
When: October 2015, for sixteen days
Who: One backpacker
Currency: Brazilian Real (BRL)

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Planning & Information
  Day 1
  Day 2
  Day 3
Exploring the gateway town to Chapada Diamantina National Park.
  Day 4
Chapada Diamantina National Park
Day trip visiting natural wonders of this national park.
  Day 5
Lençóis to Salvador
Traveling from Lençóis to Salvador.
  Day 6
Exploring the gateway city to Amazon.
  Day 7
Amazon Forest (Day One)
Beginning of a three-day trip into Amazon.
  Day 8
Amazon Forest (Day Two)
Day two in the Amazon Forest.
  Day 9
Amazon Forest (Day Three), Manaus
Day three in the Amazon Rainforest & return to Manaus.
  Day 10
Rio de Janeiro
Ipanema, Ipanema Beach, Leblon.
  Day 11
Rio de Janeiro
Copacabana, Cristo Redentor, Sugarloaf Mountain.
  Day 12
Rio de Janeiro
  Day 13
  Day 14
  Day 15
Paraty to São Paulo
  Day 16
São Paulo
How much did it cost?
List of all the expenses.

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