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Based in Los Angeles, U.S., this is not just a website or blog about our travels, but a one-stop place where we try to share and inspire other travelers by providing all the information they want for that next destination – city, costs, things to see, transport, people, etc.,

Read itineraries, journals and see pictures from around the world.

Travel Guides:
One of our passion is to provide extensive information in form of travel guides, available for Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iBooks and other e-readers, so make sure to check them out.

Your Contributions
We invite you to contribute to our website. Send in your articles, comments, suggestions, recommendations, sight-seeing tours, notes or anything else you that would be interest of other travelers. And yes, we do pay for your submissions. Rates are negotiable.

Travel Journals
Do you have a travel journal you have written and would like to share it with others? Click here to submit.

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Got any awesome travel deals that others can make use of? Or any tips for other travelers / backpackers? Send them to us.


Can I please use content from your website to be published on our website?
Sure! Go ahead and use anything that you’d like to use. But we request you to please give us some credit and mention our name/link on the post you publish. And let us know. We love to see our site out there. Please read our copyrights information too.

How can I contact you?
Piece of cake! Click here.

I have some great pictures and videos from my recent trip to Timbucktoo and would love to have them on your site. How?
We love when people send their pictures & videos. Send them to us and we will make sure to give you all the credits. Note that we would hold rights to the pictures and may watermark them.

We would like to advertise on it. What are our options?
This is our favorite question so far! You have options for horizontal banners or vertical banners. Click here for everything you’d like to know. We also have sponsored posts. Contact us for more info.

I want to book a flight. Please help!
Sorry, but we don’t do flight or hotel or rental car or any kinda bookings. But since you’re online, why not have a look at the list of resources.

Why don’t you have those awesome travel guides in PDF format?
Some of the travel guides are in PDF form, for the rest, we are working on that. Really, we are! In the meanwhile why not join our mailing list (look at the Newsletter box on the right) and we will inform you as soon as we go online with PDFs.

Will you share my email address if I join the mailing list?
We swear on our travel money we will not share your email address (or any other information) with anyone. Read the privacy policy page for all the details on this.

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