Step-by-step process to get Nauru visa easily

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April 3, 2023  •  5 min(s) read

The tiny island nation of Nauru is one of the least visited countries in the world, with under 300 people visiting per year. One of the main reason for this low statistics is the requirement of a visa for almost all nationalities.

Most of the surrounding countries in the South Pacific allow visa-free or visa-on-arrival (VOA) access to almost all nationalities, getting a visa to Nauru can take a while and can be challenging!

UPDATE July 2023 – Nauru tourism has launched a new website that outlines the visa application procedure. So make sure to read their official website for most updated information.

Who needs visa to Nauru?

While only citizens of 15 countries get a visa-free or VOA access (Fiji, Israel, Marshall Islands, Micronesia (Federated States), Palau, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Taiwan, Tonga, Tuvalu, and UAE), 66 other nationalities can apply for a visa with simplified procedures. The rest will also need to submit a criminal record and certificate of medical fitness in addition to the requirements for those 66 nationalities.

NOTE: This procedure below outlines the steps to get a “visa grant”, which is a requirement for ‘okay to board’ the flight to Nauru. Your passport will be stamped with a visa on arrival.

How to get a visa to Nauru

Here are the steps to apply and receive a visa-grant for Nauru:

Step 1: Send email request for application

There are two options to request for a visa application form (you can download it from here, but ask for the most updated form) and the requirements document (all details below are correct and updated at the time of publishing this post):

  1. Send an email request to the Nauru Immigration department to Ms. Ideana Atto ( (immigration officer) with a CC to Amuson Bern ( This is the slower option!
  2. Send an email request to the Nauru consulate in Brisbane, Australia to Mr. Cramer Cain ( This is a faster and preferred option!

Note that there is no requirement to personally visit the Nauru Consulate in Brisbane for any documentation nor to apply for visa-grant. Everything must be done over email.

Expect to receive the visa application form and requirements documents in email.

Step 2: Hotel and flight reservations

Before you can apply for your visa-grant, you will require confirmed flight and hotel reservations. Flights operated by Nauru Airlines are your best bet for travel to/from Nauru. They have very limited connections from Brisbane (Australia, Nadi (Fiji), Majuro (Marshall Islands), Tarawa (Kiribati) and Pohnpei (FSM).
Note: It is unclear if a booked-and-cancelled-later reservation will be valid or not.

[Nauru Airlines]

There are two hotels in Nauru:

Send email to both the hotels with your reservation dates, number of guests, names and other details. Once you receive an email confirmation on your reservation (you do not have to make any payment at this time, but upon arrival), you can start the next step.

Reports of other travelers booking on Airbnb can be seen out there, but we were not successful in finding one!

Step 3: Email documents for application

To apply for the visa-grant, you will send the following to your contact in step 1:

  1. Visa application form – this form is provided by the embassy via email or get the Nauru Visa Application Form from here.
  2. Passport bio page – scanned copy in .jpg or .pdf formats.
  3. Photo – passport-sized photo in .jpg format.
  4. Flights – Return flights in and out of Nauru.
  5. Hotel booking confirmation – from step 2, in PDF format.
  6. Current employment/occupation – Paystub or offer letter if you’re employed, or a bank statement if you’re unemployed.
  7. Covid-19 Vaccine – scanned copy of your covid-19 vaccine certificate. At least two shots are required.
  8. Cover letter – stating your purpose and other details. Here’s a copy of the cover letter (.docx; right-click the link, and select ‘save link as’ to download). Save/export this as a .pdf before sending!

Email all documents to the Nauru Consulate contact from step 1 at the earliest.

Step 4: Make payment

After they receive the documents in email, the application will be reviewed by the Nauru Immigration Department, and they will provide you with an invoice for visa fee payment.

For a one-month, single entry visa, the cost is AUD 50. All the details of the bank for the money transfer will be mentioned on the invoice.

Nauru Visa Payment Invoice
[Nauru Visa Payment Invoice]

The total time for the application generally varies from 2-4 weeks. It has taken much longer for some travelers! Our recommendation is to check with your step-1-contact if you haven’t heard after 2 weeks.

The best way to pay is to use Wise. Save the proof of payment as a .pdf file and send it to the contact that sent the invoice to you.

Step 5: Receive a Visa-Grant Notice

Upon submitting your proof of payment for the visa, you will receive the visa-grant letter in email. Take prints of this letter which is a requirement at the airline check-in counter to board your flight to the Pacific island nation of Nauru!

Nauru Visa Grant Approval
[Nauru Visa Grant Approval]

Upon arrival in Nauru, your visa will be stamped into your passport.

Have a great time in Nauru!

Send your feedback or updates in comments below.

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