Eco-Friendly Family Travel Adventures in the World

Nina Simmons
February 10, 2021  •  6 min(s) read

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Is your family all about sustainability and the environment? Maybe this year, instead of contributing to climate change and harmful gas emissions, you should go on an eco-friendly family adventure! Is there such a thing?

Believe it or not, there are places on the Earth that promote green tourism. Whether it’s taking care of climate change, working on recycling or something else, each place will take you to a different adventure across the globe. What does green tourism mean for each of these 7 destinations? Read on and find out! Discover a perfect destination for your next holiday while saving the planet.


1. Meet the Gods at Agroktima Boukouvala, Greece

Are you interested in finding more about Greek mythology while enjoying one of its fantastic beaches? Then Peloponnese is the perfect place for you and your family. If you decide to pay Greece a visit, make sure to stay at a family-friendly farm that is located on a nice, safe beach. It consists of four stone buildings that will keep you cool during the summer. What can you do there?

Try family activities such as fishing with a rod or make sure to pick the right timing to see the turtles hatching. It will be a holiday to remember for your kiddos. Besides swimming, sunbathing, making BBQ and exploring, you’ll get a chance to pick olives, oranges and lemons with a local farmer.


2. A forest fairy tale in Ödeshög, Sweden

Get in touch with your roots and get back to nature by spending your next holiday in the magnificent wood hermitage in Sweden. Go back-to-basics and try living technology-free in this magical place that reminds many of Tolkien’s novels. So, where will you stay?

This unique destination offers you the choice of staying in a family treehouse or choosing one of the cosy huts with turf roofs. Better leave your phones at home, as there is no Wi-Fi, and bring a survival guide in nature that will help you set exciting campfires each night. Since there is no electricity, this leaves you plenty of time to bond with your family while picking wild strawberries, canoeing or doing early morning yoga sessions by the lake.

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3. Get a taste of organic life in Fattoria Barbialla Nuova, Italy

Have you always wanted to try out living on an organic farm with your family? This is an ideal chance to get a taste of organic life in the most beautiful part of Italy, Tuscany. This magical place offers families farmhouses and self-catering apartments for rent all year round.

This so-called “agriturismo” brings an organic lifestyle back to you. Besides the apartments and huts, there are many outdoor family activities your kids will adore. An outdoor pool and table tennis are perfect children past time activities while parents can learn how to make gelato, feed the pigs and collect the eggs! Every autumn you can join a guided truffle hunt with locals.


4. Sleeping under the stars at Mille Etoiles, France

There’s nothing more exciting for children than spending the night outside! It’s something many young adventurers dream of. So, why don’t you make their dreams come true and head to France for the unforgettable camping adventure?

This campsite is located just above the river Ardèche, that with its sparkling turquoise water creates a fairytale-like experience for explorers of all ages. Surrounded by forests, this campsite has to offer many hiking trails and footpaths where you can encounter numerous wildlife inhabited there. Enjoy the fresh air and nature while providing your children with a memorable environmentally friendly experience.


5. Visit beachy heaven in KingFisher Bay, Australia

If you’re looking for a summer holiday location known for eco-friendly tourism, then KingFisher Bay in Australia is an ideal place for you and your family. It’s located south from the Great Barrier Reef and contains a 120 km long beach you and your youngsters can enjoy.

This destination is surrounded by rainforests and has hidden freshwater lakes you can explore. Hop on the guided tour by the rangers to get to know the place or explore on your own! Enjoy the greenery and breathe in some fresh air on one of the most majestic destinations for beach lovers there is! In addition to beautiful nature, there are diving and snorkelling tours where you can explore under the sea.

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6. No motors allowed in Middle Fork, USA

Do you want to have a perfect family bonding time, but stay close to home? Then you should pack up and head to Idaho to Salmon River where you can peacefully enjoy nature without the disturbing sounds of motors! You read that correctly, not even your electric toothbrush is allowed!

But how can you get there? Instead of wasting gas and money, hop on the bike and have a tour around your state. This destination has to offer many adventuristic activities, such as exploring, water rafting and swimming, which makes it suitable for kids over the age of 5. Just make sure they have adequate kids bikes they can use to get around. Even though it may seem tiring, this is the perfect vacation that merges physical activity, exploring, eco-friendliness and family bonding!


7. Wake up your wild side in Gamboa Rainforest, Panama

If your family wants to get in touch with nature and explore its wild sides, then having an environmentally friendly vacation in Panama is the perfect option for you. Gamboa is a rainforest resort located in Panama that is enriched with over 250 bird species! Join a hiking excursion with your family and see the wildlife up close.

Pay a butterfly house the visit and join the primate tour to keep your little ones engaged. If you’d love a view to die for, don’t miss the lookout tower where you can spot the wildlife in its natural habitat. To experience the true atmosphere, travel to the San Blas Islands where you’ll have a chance to stay with Kuna Indians. If your family loves wildlife, consider visiting more wildlife destinations, but make sure you make your trip eco-friendly!



There is nothing as amazing as eco-friendly destinations that allows you to get a taste of their culture and explore their wilderness. Your children will surely remember vacations like these where they could learn something interesting and experience something new. So, what are you waiting for? Indulge in eco-friendly tourism and see the world from a different perspective.

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