Travel hack: Relieve ear strain on long flights because of mask

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July 8, 2020  •  2 min(s) read

In the new normal, wearing a mask is mandatory for any flights you may take. Although it can get very uncomfortable for long stretches, you simply have to keep your mask on in the airplane.

If you wear an over-the-ear headphones, then there’s an easy way to keep your ears from feeling the pull of the elastic ear looks of the mask: attach the ear loops to your headphones instead.

One reddit user recommended to place the face mask straps around the base of your headphones. This way the mask is secured to your face and relieves your ears from the pull of the loops. This simple hack will help you through to the hours of sitting in the plane while entertaining yourself. And when you are allowed to take the mask off while you’re eating, the mask will hang on to the headphones easily.

Headphones are great for noise canceling or distracting yourself from creeps, or just allowing you to talk on the phone hands-free and now with that mask on.

Although this hack will not work with in-ear headphones like AirPods or Google Buds, etc. obviously!

Travel On The Dollar