Should you travel during the Coronavirus outbreak?

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February 13, 2020  •  2 min(s) read

One of the questions asked these days is “should I travel to X country with the Coronavirus outbreak going on around the world?” There are reports from some countries that are either preventing travelers from arriving there or putting travelers under a 14-day quarantine after having visited one of the “infected countries”.

For example, many countries block travelers from entering if they have been to or coming from China, Italy, Iran, S. Korea and Japan. Some countries put a mandatory 14-day quarantine on any traveler having been to countries like Australia, Japan or United States.

With a lot of flights getting cancelled, you must check the destination country’s rules on how your travel will be impacted even if you’re a national of one country but having visited some countries before reaching your destination; or if you are in transit.

Here’s a list of most updated Timatic rules published by IATA on their website. This might not cover every rule for every country and with the number of people infected is constantly evolving, it’s always best to call the embassy of destination country in the country you’re currently in to know if anything has changed or updated.

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