Use this tool to travel to your next destination based on climate

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February 10, 2020  •  2 min(s) read

We all love to travel during the perfect weather at our destinations, but not all places are not-too-hot in May, or pouring-down in October. Most of us want to go somewhere, or anywhere, that is warm; or it’s not too sunny in August. No matter what our perfect climate dreams are, Nomad List’s Climate Finder can help us find the right spot, or at least offer a little inspiration.

Simply select your ideal conditions (temperature, humidity, rain, etc.) in the month of your travel, and see what the conditions look like in the continent you’re planning to visit. Using historical data the page will then offer some suggestions of places you may want to consider traveling to.

As an example, I searched for a mildly-warm place that has 68F-78F with almost no rain in the continent of Africa in July. The results showed me about 14 places that matched this criteria.

It’s not a perfect tool and based on historical data, it shows a lot of options with color coded cells to help you understand what’s out there.

Check it out for yourself – Nomad List’s Climate Finder

[Results of Nomad List’s climate finder]

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