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Nina Simmons
December 16, 2019  •  5 min(s) read

Volunteering is a way of giving something back to the world. You get to contribute to something good that’s being done.

Many types of volunteering include travel, so your personal growth also includes getting to know other countries, cultures, and locals. The world is within your reach if you’re ready to help those in need.
The following are some of the best volunteering destinations in 2020, in case you want to make sure you are making a real impact.


1. India

Volunteering in India
[Volunteering in India – Image source]

Being one of the earliest civilizations in the world, India is abundant with diversity and an amazing history. Its landscapes are sites are as equally spectacular – the fascinating Himalayas in the north, the vast desert in the west and the thick greenery in the south. No wonder why people fall in love with this country so easily.

Volunteering in India is possible in three locations in case you want to help positive social changes in India develop. The projects include teaching, childcare, women empowerment projects, as well as helping animals, for example, volunteering with elephants. All of the projects bring benefits to both volunteers and society.

New Delhi and Palampur are the most common locations for the projects, which last from a week to six months. Volunteers are accommodated in the volunteer house in Delhi and Palampur, with all the basic amenities provided.

While doing your part on the project, you will get the chance to make weekend trips to Taj Mahal, Amritsar (Golden Temple), Jaipur (City Palace), or you can go on adventurous hiking in the Himalayas.


2. Bali

Volunteering in Bali
[Volunteering in Bali – Image source]

Bali offers one of the top volunteer programs in all of Asia, one being located in Ubud, while the other one is in Lovina.

Volunteering program in Bali is an excellent choice for those who enjoy the beautiful wilderness and seeks perfect surfing beaches. No day can be boring on Bali, as long as you are ready to explore.
There are several projects available through the volunteering program, most of them being located in or near Ubud. Ubud is the cultural center of Bali, vivid with colors and people, unique customs and a laid-back way of life.

Bali is a perfect place if you want to volunteer with animals abroad. For instance, a lot of stray dogs are wandering through the streets of Ubud, in need of love and care. The program for stray dogs includes working with local animal shelters, rehabilitating stray dogs so that they can become members of a new family. Another opportunity to work with animals on Bali is to join the Turtle Conservation Program and help these wonderful creatures.


3. Ghana

Volunteering in Ghana
[Volunteering in Ghana – Image source]

The Ghana volunteering program is all about people. Locals are famous for being incredibly helpful, making you feel at home. They are excellent at providing support to the local community, together with the volunteers. That is what makes this country special in case you want to form a deep connection with people.

Volunteers are also able to spend their weekends any way they like, exploring hidden treasures of the region thanks to helpful tips by the locals. Long weekends can be used for trips to Cape Coast or even to other Western African countries. In most cases, they are situated in rural villages and townships in the Greater Accra Region. Every volunteer can choose whether they want to volunteer for a week or as long as 24 weeks.


4. Peru

Volunteering in Peru
[Volunteering in Peru – Image source]

Peru is a wonderful mix of Incan heritage and customs remained after the Spaniards. The culture, the food, and the architecture will sometimes make you believe you’re in Spain while at other times you’ll feel you are in the heart of mysterious South America.

If you opt for volunteering in Peru, you’ll be able to choose between Disabled Care Project, Kindergarten Program or the Teaching Project. Most of the projects are held in Cusco, a city that has made to the list of UNESCO World Heritage City. The longest you can volunteer is 6 months. What’s interesting is that the accommodation is provided by local host families, giving you the opportunity to learn about people and customs firsthand.

When it comes to explorations of Peru’s wonders, you’ll be able to go on weekend trips to see Machu Picchu, get lost in the Amazon rainforest or go hiking in the Rainbow Mountains.


5. Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal[Volunteering in Nepal – Image source]

This lovely Himalayan nation will amaze you with its natural beauties and rich culture. In 2015, the country experienced a strong earthquake, which left many people homeless and many children orphans.

Volunteering in Nepal will allow you to take part in these children’s lives, as well as in the lives of those who lost their land. There is also the teaching project available, as well as the medical internship project.

On the weekends, you can explore the city of Kathmandu, Chitwan National Park, as well as many cute Himalayan towns. Adventurous sports like river rafting and bungee jumping are also very popular.


Final words

Volunteering in these 5 destinations will change your perspective of the world. You will grow in so many ways and learn incredible things, so start weighing your options and plant the trip.

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