5 Ultimate ways to save your money on a trip

Jessica Smith
March 14, 2019  •  5 min(s) read

There’s no denying the fact that no matter how eager you might be to go on a holiday, it is human nature to be anxious about ones length of expenditures. They say is right when they say that ‘A dollar saved is a dollar earned!’ Therefore, it remains utterly important to be prudent about ones financial planning while taking your leisurely trips. And thankfully, you have us to get your back on this one. If it’s your traveling time of the year and the idea of saving some bucks is on your mind, then my friend you have landed on the apt page. Please read on to find more about the best money-saving tips while you get yourself rolling.

1. Set a budget

First things first, its undoubtedly imperative to set one’s traveling budget, in order to be clear and prepared in advance for what lies ahead. Therefore, draft a well-planned itinerary that includes a tentative idea of the expenses that would involve your staying, eating and exploring around. This way you’d feel empowered for applying a better sense in deciding when to save and when to splurge because,

C’mon, it is your time-off and it’s meant to be extensively fun and gratifying, if not anything else! So set your budget right and don’t forget to stick to it. It’ll keep you on track and might as well give you various opportunities to treat yourself while the trip is on!

2. Booking time

Next in line comes the prudence to select the apt time when you would finally go for the bookings for your excursions. It may sound like an urban myth but it’s backed by several real-time experiences that if you book in advance, for your trip, especially the airfare, you can save a hell lot of money.

Similarly, if you opt for ‘shoulder periods’ and weekdays, as your time of traveling to your favorite destination, you can get much cheaper deals on the activities, attractions, hotel stays and city tours etc. which, otherwise, tend to be heavy on your pockets during the peak seasons.

3. Food

While you are getting ready to roll, it’s advisable to carry some handy food items that are delicious and keep you full for longer periods, like a delectable chocolate box. Apart from this, it is always a wise choice to select hotels that include breakfast in its room tariff. This helps you to have a hearty breakfast plus you can even bring along a few snacks and fill your water bottles from the hotel and carry them with you to make the day-long trips easier.

For dinners, you can probably try exploring the night markets that offer local street food at inexpensive rates. It will further enhance the quality of your experience by helping you connect better with the essence of the place.

Similarly, don’t forget to carry your favorite pack of Courvoisier. It will be your most cherished companion when you hop on your hotel bed after a tiring day out.

4. Transportation

After airfare and accommodation, another major area where cutting costs can help you a great deal in saving money while traveling is transportation.

For this, you can try being supremely active and be on your foot. We mean literally! Yes, we urge you to walk, walk and walk for the distances that can be easily covered on foot. Sipping on your favorite bottle of dimple pinch and munching on flavorsome berries, it would surely be a cakewalk for you.

For longer distances, you can go about renting a bike which is cheaper than renting cars and comfier than a bus. If that appears unfeasible, opt for public transport wherever possible. This gives you a deeper insight and knowledge about the place along with a much more authentic traveling experience.

However, if you happen to rule out all the above-mentioned options and have to travel by other means, then you can try your luck at sharing cars, mini-vans or taxis which prove to be really cost-effective owing to a large group of people to split the costs.

5. Automatic travel savings account

Easy access to money implies increased chances of over-spending. Therefore, we swear by making efforts to keep your savings account separate and hidden from your internet banking options. This way your temptation to spend more than what you had initially assessed can be kept in check.

Thus, only keep your budgeted amount in your checking account that you will use for your travel and shift everything else in a savings one. This will prove to be a boon, especially for impulsive shoppers.

Final words:

Vacations are synonymous with having fun and frolic. When you are there, simply forget everything and live in the moment to gain the maximum out of the holiday you have been waiting for. Just let your hair down and enjoy as deeply as you can.

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