7 most beautiful and best beaches in Alabama

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February 13, 2018  •  4 min(s) read

Southern state of Alabama attracts over 20 million tourists per annum. The best part of the local glimpse here are the white sand beaches rich in wildlife and stunning natural beauty. Serenity and sand with coastal nature and life make these beaches the perfect places for your next vacation destination. Here are 7 best beaches in Alabama (in no particular ranking):

1. Gulf State Park Beach
Two mile long beach housed by the six thousand acre Gulf state park, is located in between the Gulf shores and the orange beach. A picnic spot and relaxing area together with sea boats and sand dunes make this place a great tourist attraction. Kayaking, paddle boarding and zip lining etc. could produce a soothing heart when mixed with the local fauna of wild alligators and nice deer. Surf fishing could be one of the favourite in the to-dos here. A bike ride or foot expedition in the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail is something no-one should miss.

2. Orange Beach

Orange Beach, Alabama

White and sugary coastline that stretches out nearly eight-miles is the house for different kinds of in water and by water sports and amusements for family goers. Flyboarding stands out as the best attraction, yet sunset dolphin cruise, diving, swimming and fishing do not offer less. Red snapper, tuna and marlin could boost up the family supper while the wreckage of Alabama’s first sunk ship deep down in the water would definitely do enough for a great adventure. As well as, nearby arcade and adventure island is a great amusement for kids and other family members will not miss out too. As it is a very large beach, having a beach cruiser bike will be the best way to explore and enjoy everything on offer. You can have a custom beach cruiser bicycle for yourself. If you are a woman, you may like this women’s black beach cruiser bike.

3. Dauphin Island Beach

Dauphin Island Beach, Alabama

Well known for stunning natural beauty, Dauphin Island Park and beach is the only pet-friendly place in this region and is open throughout the year. Though there is a little entry fee required during spring and summer, still the place has more for you than it asks from you. Facilities for RV, bus or trailer campaign are available and picnic spot as well as a nice playground offers full blown opportunities for your camping success with free Wi-Fi and free boat lunches.

4. Florida Point Beach

Florida Point Beach, Alabama

Just over one mile long small beach is a wonderful piece in the greater Orange Beach area. It is located by the east of Perdido pass and specialty emanates from the lesser traffic. The sand dunes house picnic spots, a broadwalk and public restrooms. If you are searching for the best option for privacy, go ahead under the highway towards south and along the Gulf coast and feel the coarse stretches of sand along the water.

5. Mobile Bay Beach

Mobile Bay Beach, Alabama

High abundance of freshly and easily caught fishes attracts a huge crowd for fishing and fish-meal. Mobile bay is actually an inlet originated from the Gulf of Mexico and lies inside the state of Alabama. The bay’s mouth is covered by the Fort Morgan Peninsula from the eastern side and by Dauphin Island from the western side. Many rivers including Mobile, Tensaw, Dog, Deer, Fowl and Fish make up the bay’s estuary. During summer, fish and crustaceans swarm the bay and shallow coastline and this time is the best for easy fishing.

6. Gulf Shores Main Public Beach

Gulf Shores Main Public Beach, Alabama

Gulf Shores comprised of several beaches, strongly stands out as the flagged beach town in the state of Alabama. Main Public Beach, West Beach, Fort Morgan Beach and Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge here together builds up the mind blowing natural beauty in the Gulf Shores. Each spot is full of its own attractions and offers. White sugary sands with shopping and nightlife facilities, restaurants and pavilion picnics, beach sports and soothing showers and a relaxing visit of the fort, all you need for a complete beach vacation is awaiting here.

7. Fairhope Beach

Fairhope is a silent town with a small population of 13000 and hosts three different sandy beaches. People who are more interested for a typical conservative beach tour, looking for a quitter panorama to concentrate on their arts, fabrics or literature – this is the perfect place for them. Humble beauty of the North Beach, Magnolia Beach Park and Fairhope Municipal Pier would definitely streamline the romance of the hidden colours of your heart. Do not miss!


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