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Hands-on with WiFox app – wi-fi information & passwords for airports around the world

October 19, 2016

In an online world of 2016, any traveler would like access to a decent and free wi-fi network on an airport, which not just helps us update our social media statuses, but also to find some important information that we may have missed earlier. Or perhaps just to wail away our time on a long layover!

Most airports around the world offer either free unlimited wi-fi or access to free wi-fi for a limited time, like 2 hours. But there are tons of other networks that are secure and require a password to access them.

Travel blogger and computer security engineer Anil Polat has put together a regularly updated Google map that shows wi-fi passwords and locations of dozens of airports and lounges around the world. All you have to do is navigate to the airport you’re traveling to, click on an airplane symbol, and you’ll be shown the name of the airport, a description of the location, any wi-fi restrictions, a network name, and the all-important password, if applicable.


This is available as an app called WiFox on iOS and Android app for $1.99.

So we decided to use it on our last trip to Georgia flying via Istanbul Ataturk airport (IST). With a layover of 5+ hours, it was more than a requirement to use this app to access free wi-fi!

First impressions count, and it wasn’t great because the app kept crashing for a few times as reported by a lot of users on Apple AppStore reviews. (perhaps trying to look for a network to update the maps), before opening up. The default view shows the world map (same Google map as mentioned above), with airplane symbols.

Assuming that any traveler would not have a network connection at this time, the map itself failed to load. This meant that you have to reply on your geography skills to zoom-in to the city or airport you’re at (no, location services didn’t work for me). At this point, let’s assume that you have access to a limited, free airport wi-fi network, which did load the map for me.

Zooming on the airport, the various access points shown on the map do not literally correspond to the exact location of where the wi-fi network is available.


You can tap on any of the wi-fi symbol to see the details of the specific wifi network, and voila! Find that network at the airport and try connecting it. The passwords got accepted in most of the cases and worked wonderfully! Although a few didn’t work so we reported as ‘not working’ by tapping that icon on the details screen.


All in all, this is definitely a wonderful app to use, but make sure to access the details screen while you have a network, and take screen shots of those which you can access at your destination airport. Definitely worth the $2!

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