Get basic travel information about your next travel destination at BaseTrip

Travel On The Dollar
August 31, 2016  •  2 min(s) read

Most of us traveling to a new country would like to know some basic information like currency exchange rate, weather conditions, cost of living, any vaccinations required or important numbers. You can find all of this in different sources or websites, but head over to BaseTrip that provides all the basic and relevant information you should know about.


Note that BaseTrip is just a beginners wiki to help you get started, but look out for the “Tips” sections where users may have added their personal ideas and tips. You can add your own as well.

Simple cards like visa requirements navigates you to VisaHQ website, links to phone operators takes you to their individual website, and so forth. Not every country’s details have all the cards. For example, road rules do not show up in Vietnam.

Travel On The Dollar