Require a visa or not to your destination country? Passport Index will tell you

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July 21, 2016  •  3 min(s) read

Planning a trip can be daunting in terms of booking flights, hotels, local transportation and tours. Additionally, you need to worry about vaccinations and documentation like passport and visas. Not everyone need visas to your destination country. While some countries offer visa-free travel, some offer visa-on-arrival and then there are countries which mandate you to get a visa prior to your departure.

Depending on the country’s passport you hold, you may get a visa-free travel or you may have to go through the maddening process taking weeks or months of paperwork and visits to consulates/embassies. Applying for a visa does not guarantee an approval, which can make or break your trip. For example, getting a tourist visa to the totalitarian government-run Turkmenistan is almost impossible!

Passport Index will tell you if you need visa to your destination country or not. Apart from exploring the passports of various countries on the main page for fun, the helpful part is in the visa comparison table, that allows you to select the country you hold a passport with, and see visa requirement is like for virtually every other country in the world. Compare processes by adding multiple passports to the comparison list.


The “compare by destination” tab specifies countries that put visitors from other nations through if they want to visit. There are no links to follow for applying for visas by providing links to the embassies or consulates. But this can be a good starting point to see if you need a visa to that exotic destination or not.

A word of caution – Treaties and collaborations between countries change very often and it is best to check with the consulate of the country making sure you do or don’t require a visa. In our experience, even websites of the consulates do not list the most updated information, so call or email the Consulate General for the most updated data.

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