3 Great U.K. Side Trips

Marie Nieves
July 19, 2016  •  4 min(s) read

[Edinburgh, Scotland]

It has always been my dream to visit the UK and explore its castles, beauties and, of course, London. London is probably the most popular place in England among tourists, but this doesn’t mean it’s the only one. As soon as I got the chance to go to the UK, I started planning and researching what I wanted to see. Besides spending at least 3 days in London, I decided to go on 3 amazing side trips.

Blaenavon, Wales
This little town is an extraordinary testimony of the area’s importance in the production of iron and coal mining in the late 18th and the early 19th century. I’ve always had a buff for history, and I simply could not miss out on the opportunity to see the town that was of an international importance. Since it was a rainy day, the whole landscape of Blaenavon appeared a bit gloomy. High structures, abandoned mine shafts and ironworks greatly contributed to such an atmosphere, but I wasn’t discouraged.

[Train, Blaenavon]

After a quick tour around the town, I visited Big Pit National Museum and Blaenavon Ironworks. These two sites gave me an insight into Wales’ history, its successful production of iron and coal, as well as the transportation and the overall life of the locals. When the weather cleared up, I could see the mesmerizing stone architecture which I absolutely adore. The consistency of red and the lively nature also left a great impact on my view of this beautiful little town in Wales.


Liverpool, England
During the next day, I travelled back to England, but a little bit up North. First of all, I needed a place to stay. Since everything can get a bit pricey in England, I avoided hotels and found something more local. I heard that you can find flatmates in Liverpool, which is definitely more fun and a cheaper option. I met a few new friends who were willing to join me on an adventure around their town, so we went on an open top bus tour that also included the tickets for a river cruise. On the bus tour we passed by many astonishing landmarks, such as the ruins of St Luke’s Church, the Walker Art Gallery, Anglican Cathedrals, Chinatown and many more.

[Chinatown, Liverpool]

Then, we joined the cruiser, from which I could observe the beauties of UNESCO World Heritage sites, enjoy the light breeze and experience the amazing atmosphere on the boat. After the tour, my new friends decided to show me a few local pubs, where I tasted some new, pretty amazing beers before going back to bed.


The Isle of Skye and Highlands, Scotland
My trip ends way up north in Scotland, but not without seeing the most amazing landscapes of the Isle of Skye and the Highlands. I joined the tour that started in Edinburgh. As soon as the horizons started showing, I was speechless. The scenery opened up in front of me and I could just sit and stare at this breathtaking landscape. Also, I joined the tour and visited Loch Ness. I must admit that I was expecting the legendary Nessie to pop out of the lake and say hi. Of course, this never happened, but I will never forget this brief tour. We also visited Scotland’s most iconic castle, Eilean Donan, where I learned a lot about the history and the life there.

[Loch Ness, Scotland]

If you ever get the chance to visit the UK, you should definitely stop these three iconic places. You will not regret a penny, just like I don’t. Most importantly, you will be left with a new point of view, a history update and a bunch of pretty pictures to remind you of the time you spent there.


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