The coziest places to stay on the Seventh Continent

Marie Nieves
June 13, 2016  •  4 min(s) read

Visiting Australia is one of the best vacation decisions you can make. There are plenty of interesting people to meet, lots of iconic animals to see and observe breath-taking landscapes. However, not everything is about the adventure – you have to find a comfy and cozy place for staying. I have tried out several types of accommodations in Australia, and I would like to share my honest opinions, so you can only choose the best.


All Inclusive Resorts
On my first visit to the Seventh Continent, I decided to try out all inclusive resorts. There are just plenty of them in Australia, but it all really depends on your desired vacation and relaxation preferences. If you decide to spend your summer in such resorts, you will experience lots of benefits. Firstly, you do not have to worry about overspending and wasting money on accommodation, food and travel. Everything is paid up front and other expenses on additional food, drinks and souvenirs are completely up to you. Also, such accommodation is completely family friendly and convenient, but there are always some activities and options for adults only vacations.


But what I loved the most about this accommodation is the freedom you have. You are not tied and imprisoned by the resort, you can always travel to nearby cities and visit whatever the places you want, and your room is waiting for you. The only disadvantage is that these all inclusive places may not include all the things you need. But you can always spend a little extra. And you will probably feel guilty leaving the resort, just like I felt when leaving the paradise of the Lizard Island Resort.

Boutique Hotels
If you have never stayed in such a hotel, this is your chance, and you will love it! Last year, I visited Randwick, New South Wales for a relaxing trip and exploring the suburbs of Sydney. It is a smaller cute city with colorful history and it is mainly residential. But what is great about it, it is close to Sydney and you can find some cheap but amazing accommodations. One of the best accommodation options in Randwick, NSW definitely were the boutique hotels, which offer you some of the most elegant and luxury stay. Such hotels are usually themed and dressed in various colors and designs, and offer you some of the best activities and relaxation options. My hotel was a historic type, and offered me the most amazing stay with such an excellent service. The cuisine was just exquisite and you can taste the local Australian treats. The only downside is that such stay can get pricey, but if you organize your budget well, there is nothing you can do.


Renting a House
There are plenty of offices that offer renting houses to tourists who prefer absolute comfort and endless freedom. It is especially good for families with lots of members. Practically, you can rent a house in every city in Australia, and completely enjoy your stay. What may be a disadvantage, for some of you, is that such houses are usually situated in the suburbs, in more residential areas. However, by just quickly taking a train or a bus, you can easily find yourself in the urban area again. Additionally, besides all the freedom and comfort, you get to experience the true everyday life in Australia and meet the amazing locals and their customs.


What is always a great advantage of a hostel is its perfect location. Almost always, hostels are situated in the most urban areas and close to all the tourist attractions. Also, their prices are usually low and you get the chance to meet new interesting people and socialize. However, what bothered me the most during my short stay at a hostel are the complete lack of personal space and constant interruptions of my sleep. Usually, many parties are held in hostels, where you can actually have some fun, but not if you are dead tired. So, if you are not a sociable person who loves their personal space, stay away from hostels. But it could be a fun, new experience filled with memories.


It all comes to your needs and personality. If you are there to relax and enjoy spas and beaches, hotels and resorts should be at the top of your list. On the other hand, for more freedom or having a blast on crazy parties, there are houses for rental and wild hostels.

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