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Google Translate will work in offline mode for Android (UPDATE: And for iOS)

May 11, 2016

UPDATE: May 11, 2016
After three years of offline availability on Android, Google has finally made the translate app useful on iOS as well. If you’re traveling, this is incredibly useful since you likely aren’t paying for an international plan. In the Google Translate app, just tap the arrow next to the language name to download the package for that language. Android’s had this for a while, but the offline mode will also now work with the new Tap to Translate feature.

Original Post: March 13, 2013
We have reviewed over one hundred travel apps for iOS and one of them is Google Translate. The app is one of the finest translation apps out there, and with it’s voice controlled translation it is one the most used apps. But the part that sucks is you need an internet connection to be able to translate the conversation. And the mobile carriers charge exorbitant prices to enable international data roaming.

But Google announced today that the Google Translate app on Android will offer offline language packages with support for fifty languages, from French and Spanish to Chinese and Arabic.

Google Translate for Android

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The World’s Languages in Your Pocket (No Internet Required) – Google Official Blog

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